Swaziland – Day 1

Day 1 of my holiday was spent travelling. Arrived at the airport just after 3pm on 2nd April met up with a couple of travellers coming on the trip, had a drink with them before ringing Tour Manager Jack to tell him of our arrival so he turned up to introduce himself before heading to the meeting point within the airport. Just before 4 we made our way to the meeting point where we got introduced to the rest of travellers who were all very nice, down to earth people. We checked in and got our bags sorted before heading for a look around the airport and buy anything we needed before we boarded the flight to Johannesburg. We arrived at the boarding point at 6:10 I think but were the last ones there which we didn’t realise as we thought we would get there early but the others got there first! We got priority boarding which was good but we were sat away from the rest of group which didn’t really matter and I had my sighted guide next to me who was lovely. The flight left at 19:05 and was an 11 hour flight but it was better because it was overnight. I felt really nervous so didn’t really fancy eating much food but I ate as much as I could, I then tried to go to sleep which was sort of successful but woke up early hours not knowing the time and wishing we were nearly there as I needed the loo but didn’t want to wake the people next to me so had to hold on till morning which seemed like an age away lol! Finally the lights came on around 6 I think and they brought round breakfast which was nice considering it was plane food. Once the guy next to me on my left had woken up we went to the loo thank goodness I felt so relieved! We arrived at just after 7am on 3rd April in Johannesburg were we had to go through passport control and retrieve our bags before transferring to Swaziland by minibus. Day 2 of trip to follow tomorrow.

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