Swaziland – Day 2

Day 2 of Swaziland: We made our way through Johannesburg airport after being warned not to accept any help from people offering their services as we had our transfer minibus waiting outside. I have to say walking through the airport I didn’t feel safe but we were soon out in a big circular area where we met Sepo (I think) who was our minibus driver. He and Jack loaded the suitcases into the little trailer at the back and we got on the bus via a very tall step which I struggled to get up as we were seated at the front so didn’t have the steps to help us but I got a push up from my sighted guide which made us laugh and then we climbed into our seats. We had more travelling now to do, 4 hours in total to get to our first hotel. We stopped halfway through at a service station where people immediately were gobsmacked when they spotted a Nandos because they couldn’t believe they could have a Nandos in Africa! We resisted the temptation to go in and just went to have a leg stretch, look around the shops, pop to the ladies and then outside of this service station was a water hole where we sat and watched Water Buffalo, Ostriches and Emu’s and possibly a couple of rhino grazing, what an amazing and unique service station to start off our adventure! After about 30mins we boarded the bus again with Jack counting to make sure we were all here saying “it wouldn’t look good on me if I lost someone at the very beginning before we even get into Swaziland” we all laughed, he closed the door, got in and we went on our way to our first destination but we had to pass through the South African and into Swaziland boarder which fortunately wasn’t complicated. We arrived at just after 12pm where we were greeted by Ruth who runs the Forresters Arms in Mbabane and Jenny our fantastic tour guide who would be with us for the rest of the trip. They had the fire roaring because they were cold whilst we were lovely and warm and slowly began to roast as we sat in the room where the fire was so our cardigans and jumpers etc came off so we were just in tshirts. They delivered our suitcases to our rooms and gave us our keys so we could go to the loos and sort ourselves out before having lunch in the restaurant. I decided to stick with something healthy as I didn’t feel like eating much still due to my nerves so I had lots of salad, some ham and some bread and then I think I had dessert after as I was feeling a bit better by this point and was quite hungry after not eating much on the plane and during the transfer to the hotel. After lunch we were asked if we fancied a walk with Jenny which all of us wanted as we needed a leg stretch so she said we should meet outside the hotel at 4pm I think, we were then given wifi codes and we were then given a bit of time to settle into our rooms before the walk. The walk was through a woodland with not much there wildlife wise apart from a few birds but it was lovely and quiet and seemed like just what I needed to loosen up my legs. We then got back around 5:30, had a little rest before we had dinner at 7pm meeting at 6:30pm for Jack and Jenny to do their spiel regarding the following day. Our drinks were bought by Jenny to welcome us to this amazing little kingdom. We moved into the restaurant then for dinner where I had mixed creamy vegetable soup for starters, I can’t remember what I had for dinner or dessert but it was all very nice smile emoticon. Then we went to bed to get some proper sleep which we had been deprived of during the flight so that we were ready to face our first busy day on 4th April.

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