Swaziland – Day 3

Day 3 of my holiday to Swaziland (4th April): Today was a busy day. First we went to Maguga Dam so we could have a boat trip on the dam which was unfortunately incredibly low due to the drought they had experienced so instead of a 1 hour boat trip we could only do 30mins. We learnt all about the dam, when it was first built, when it was last at its fullest point and how many years it takes for the dam to get to its capacity, I found it very interesting and tranquil even though there were supposedly crocodiles and hippos in the dam we didn’t see them thank goodness! We then got back on board the bus and went to visit Sipo’s homestead to meet his mum and dad and see his village which had a Parliament House were they would take people who had had disagreements etc and put it right, we found out where they keep their cattle, were chickens lay their eggs on side of the crawl (cattle barn) in nests made for them and about a little cat who is there to catch “mouses”. The swazi’s have a unique way of saying certain things and it’s quite cute! Definitely made me smiles :). We tried sugar cane which was lovely and met the children before heading back via a very muddy, rocky path. We then headed to Maguga lodge for lunch and to see some traditional dancing which was incredibly entertaining and then Sipo tried to imitate which had us in stitches. Over lunch we had the discussion about how to say “Pap” the correct way but I didn’t get it right according to Sarah so I gave up and after this me and Sarah got on so well we had each other in hysterics constantly, just thinking about it makes me chuckle! The traditional dancing especially from the girls was something incredibly special which normally only happens during the reed dance in August so we felt incredibly privileged to see this in full action and in the beautiful traditional dress. We then got back in the bus, Jack did his counting again and we went back to the hotel where I went for a swim with Carol (my sighed guide), Anja and Dietmar (The Germans), Christine, Jo and Jack and Jo M sat on the side watching us. We had a great time, lots of laughs, a good swim and then we went back to our rooms, had a bath and then rested before Jack’s and Jenny’s chat and dinner which again was a variety of different foods to try all very nice. Then it was bedtime ready for the next day.

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