Swaziland – Day 4

Day 4 of holiday to Swaziland (5th April): We got up had breakfast, bags had to be out of room for 9:30 and we had to meet at bus for 10am. The journey took about an hour, on our way in just before we arrived Jenny saw a boomslang snake run out in front of the mini bus. We had to wait in the bus whilst Jenny went to find out if our accommodation was ready yet. It wasn’t quite ready yet so we went for a drive through the big game park’s reserve Mlilwane where we would be staying. We got to touch a termite mound even though I’m not sure we were supposed to but we heard wrong so hope it didn’t do it any harm! We saw Blesbok and Impalas and the blue wildebeast. We then went back to the beehive huts because they were ready, we put our bags in and went straight for lunch where I decided to go for a chicken mayo sandwich and chips but I’m not quite sure the sandwich agreed with me as I felt sort of ill afterwards but thank goodness it didn’t last long and I begun to feel better. We went for a bit of a walk before settling into our huts and to get ready for our first game drive at 4:15pm that day. Getting into those jeeps was certainly not an easy task for me lol but I had some very nice hunky guides to lift me in and out and once we were all in it was ready to go, we were allowed 2 drinks for our safari drive so I chose grape tizer and lemon twist which were both very nice but I didn’t have both knowing I would need the loo,1 can was bad enough lol! On the game drive we saw lots of Impala and a few male Impala all alone which the guides called Losers because they hadn’t won a group of female Impala lol! We also saw Blesbok again mostly solitary so they were also losers, we saw wildebeast, the Burchell Zebra and a crocodile. We also heard the sound of the hippo which sounds quite scary but we didn’t see them on that game drive. We also heard and people saw lots of different birds, these include: hadida ibis, sacred ibis, ground scraper thrush, forked drongo, pied kingfisher, pied wagtail, Little brown job, water thickney, spotted thickney, beeater, red bishop and the pale chanting goshawk. We also got told about the eucalyptus trees and why they have to be destroyed because they take in too much water and about the poisonous tree (sausage tree) Kiegalia but that it’s used to cure cancer. I may have got this mixed up but we also learnt about Jezebel the oldest Game drive car and got to feel different skulls of different animals. In the evening we got told about the meaning of Mlilwane “little fire” and how they had kept it alight and burning since 1964! If it rains they put a cover on so it never goes out. In the pond behind the restaurant lives crocodiles, hippos, Terrapins or turtlees as they say but they mean turtles lol! Then Jenny went through the things we had done over the past few days whilst Jack did his usual giving us our day partners for the following day. Inside the grounds of Mlilwane lives Nyala I think, Impala and warthogs. Then it was bedtime and because my room partner and I hadn’t spoken all day due to the way things had worked out we had to catch up on each other’s news etc but what we didn’t know was that the beehives had no insulation and everyone could hear our conversation so it was only when Jenny cause she was next to us came knocking and whispering that she could hear every word and she didn’t want us going into some embarrassing conversation and everyone hearing it, we apologised and Jenny just laughed and said it was very interesting and made her smile so we felt better about it but didn’t talk so loudly from then on lol! We then went to sleep ready for day 5.

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