Swaziland – Day 5 

Day 5 of our holiday to Swaziland (6th April): This morning we woke up and went with our room partners as we did normally for breakfast, as we walked in we bumped into Jenny so we apologised for last night and she laughed and said “don’t worry, I just wanted to let you know before you said anything embarrassing and not realise everyone could hear” we had a good giggle about it over breakfast. Today was meant to be horse riding safari day but due to the rain that had settled over Swaziland Jenny had decided it wouldn’t be nice to do that today so bless her she was running around like a headless chicken trying to rearrange the horse riding for tomorrow and reschedule tomorrow’s schedule today which for England would be a complete faff but in Swaziland everyone is so relaxed and they swapped things round so easily and didn’t bat an eyelid. So we went to Gone Rural where they showed us the process of how they used the grass to make coasters and bowls etc which was fascinating and we went into the shop and had a look around and I bought a set of 4 table mats, 4 coasters and a table runner for £20. Everything was so cheap in Swaziland it was incredible but so well made! We then went on to see how they made the candles and the batik pieces which I was so hoping to buy and we were able to do in the shop a bit further on from where we saw it being made. We saw an elephant candle being carved which was amazing the speed they had to do it at before the wax set, we also got to see soap being made and then how the process of the batik wall hangers and cushion covers were made which was incredibly creative and they turn out so beautiful I had to buy at least one but ended up with 2 when we went into the shop which are now proudly displayed on my wall in my new bedroom 🙂 I also bought a t-shirt with 2 zebras and 2 giraffes on the front with the words “kingdom of Swaziland” underneath and I persuaded Sarah to buy a Shawl which she loved and to be honest didn’t take much persuasion from me! Lol. We then went back to our beehives, I asked Sarah where my room partner was and she told me “she is over there together with Chris doing something”, I burst out laughing because of the way she said it which made her laugh hysterically and we were both bent over with laughter and finally when my room partner came she said “what are you two up to now” We finally stopped laughing, my room partner said she and Chris were going for a walk and she asked if we wanted to join them stating Carol was coming too so we agreed, gave ourselves 15mins before we went out for a walk around the park, we went to reception where they showed us the best route to go “the hippo trail” which would take about an hour which suited us perfectly so we signed out and off we went. We were told we must be quiet if we are to see anything which we knew obviously as it wasn’t fair but Sarah had this effect on me I couldn’t explain but we did behave apart from when Sarah wanted to hurry along the team a little but she was given a telling off and told to go ahead if she didn’t want to wait so she shut up after that! On that walk we saw lots of Impalas, Blesbok again and Wildebeast and we were the first ones to see a hippo who was casually sitting in the water looking right at us. It was quite a rocky path with some steep hills but we made it round and at the very end thanks to someone reminding me we saw Vervet Monkeys well I didn’t but the others did swinging from the trees and we were so excited coming back having seen the hippo that we wanted to make everyone jealous at dinner. We had a good laugh at dinner and I tried Impala meatballs which were very nice but I did feel sorry for the poor Impalas bless them but some have to be killed anyway due to the growing numbers and not many predators at that game park. We then went to bed hoping that tomorrow would be brighter and we would finally get to do the horse riding. My room partner and I spoke very quietly that evening and we went to bed quite early because we were getting tired by this point because the days had been full on which was good because it meant we made the most out of every moment of every day.

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