Swaziland – Day 8

Last night was lovely hearing the roaring lions after they’ve had a kill and hearing the hippos too with their scary voices through the night and in the morning. I woke up thinking how lovely it would be to always wake up with the sound of lions but then I thought about the poor Impalas which made me feel a little sad but I know the lions have to eat so I soon got over it!

Today we split up into 2 groups again 1 group going with sunny boy and the other with Dumi and Sicelo and we went for a lovely walk and what the guides had done especially for us was get different animal skins for us to feel along the way such as Impala, Monkey, Hyena and Crocodile which I found fascinating as I always wondered what these animals felt like and we had to guess what they were which I was very good at :). We also had to guess different animals footprints which again I got quite a lot right apart from when it came to the giraffe and I thought it was an elephant they told us we would know if it was an elephant lol! It was all good fun, we also saw dung beetles in action, amazing little creatures rolling dung balls 4 times the size of themselves!

We then came back had some lunch and went back out to the conservation hut just inside the national park explaining all about Hlane and its ancestry if we want to call it that but basically how big game parks began which was very interesting. We also got told and it was also on display about a man who out looking for poachers, came across one but unfortunately the poacher paralysed him, took his spine, shot him and left him for dead, how he survived I don’t have any idea but he was rescued and taken to the nearest hospital where they managed to treat him and he recovered and was able to walk again but what an horrific attack all because poachers want rhino horn etc! Swaziland has a very good poaching system which protects the animals and so if poachers are caught they go to jail for a minimum of 5 years and sometimes they can be killed if found to be poaching any animal in a big game park reserve! Good on Swaziland :). We also felt different skulls and had to guess what they were which was good fun as Jack was trying to tease me in the end with all the antelope! Then we went back had a bit of a break and then had dinner and then went to bed.


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