Swaziland – Day 9

Today I woke up, had breakfast as usual but today we we were going to be busy again. First of all we had a trip to a Sangoma (Traditional Healer) and his Homestead where half the group went with Jenny and Thandi to see and listen to the Sangoma and see what he does whilst the other half which is the group I was in went with Sipo and Jack to help with whatever the ladies were doing which at that point was cracking Nuts, they made it look so easy and asked us if anyone wanted to give it a try so Howard tried first but failed trying to hit it gently until the ladies said do it harder and it finally cracked and then he had to dig the nut out with a stick type thing and place it in a bowl. I then had a go with Jo P and we got it first time which we were pleased about getting in above Howard lol! And then Dietmar and Anja also had a go and they did really well too. We then went onto mat weaving which Jo P showed me what to do once the lady had demonstrated and we did it together which was good fun and I had a little brown dog lying right next to the mat I was sitting on, such a sweetie but I resisted touching :). Then we swapped and we went into see the Sangoma and he explained about how far people come to see him, what he does and the things he uses to find out what’s wrong with people. Very interesting.

We then went to the Shewula mountain camp where we had lunch and we met with someone from the press who wanted to write an article in the paper about us and traveleyes.

We then did another sunset safari and this time we saw the King of the jungle just after they had had a kill and one cub was incredibly nosy and was about a metre or so away from the jeep which was quite scary actually but he was so beautiful and posing for us. We also saw an elephant who was distressed because of the lions and a wildebeest and several Impala. The other jeep had just missed the lions so we were right time right place as they say :).


2 thoughts on “Swaziland – Day 9”

    1. Yes very traditional šŸ™‚ I’ll see if I have a picture somewhere to show you, we were able to feel his furry hat which I think was Impala and I think possibly some kind of furry animal tail but can’t quite think what animal it was now x


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