Swaziland – Day 11 – Our Final part of the journey

I was sleep until I woke up early hours of the morning when they put the lights on about 6ish I knew breakfast was going to be served soon so I stayed awake and apparently throughout the night the little girl several rows in front of us was continuously ill but the cabin crew were very good and dealt with it efficiently so I am told but my sighted guide obviously didn’t get much sleep bless her even though she doesn’t necessarily sleep well on a plane anyway and I don’t think many people do but I actually slept ok but it is nothing like your own bed which I was so looking forward to getting back to my memory foam pillow and mattress topper!

Once breakfast came we ate it obviously and then went to the loos and we had an announcement that there were 20mins till landing. Jack came over and told us we will wait till everyone else had got off before making our way through the plane to the exit. We made our way down, thanked the crew for their services and got off, once we got off we had to go down several escalators which I hate and am petrified of them but I had to do them twice or three times couldn’t remember but Jack was making fun of me so I gave him a fright on the train lol! Once we were down the escalators we had to go on a train which took us to where we would collect our luggage now we got on and I had hold of my guide’s arm but nobody on my left side so as the train started moving I was flying everywhere and in the end Jack had to grab me as well and he said “I think I will grab hold of you until we get off the train”, I felt much better being stabilised more as I just can’t hold myself on moving transport because of my Cerebral Palsy. We then got off and then Jack and us were having a laugh and we were pushing and shoving each other because I think we were too quick and we had to slow down so we didn’t lose anybody lol! We then grabbed our bags, went to the loos and then hugged and said goodbye to everybody and made our way to the arrivals area where my mum and dad would be waiting. They had brought Peter with them and he was so excited but he was more excited to see my guide than me which I was envious of but he was obviously not happy with me this time for leaving him behind lol! We then had to make our way back home, grab my bag and head for Devon, the home I had never seen…

Got home in good time and it was my older sister’s 30th birthday so we had a lovely time with her, I had to get used to my new home and where everything was. I then needed a couple of days to chill out before my new GDMI would come out for a visit. More on that visit tomorrow but for now the holiday part of the blog has ended but the memories I have will last forever :).




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