GDMI visits & Job Interview

On Thursday 14th April I met my new GDMI Karen. I was nervous I must admit as I always get nervous before aftercare visits not quite sure why and because I hadn’t met her before I was a bit unsure but from the moment she walked through the door I felt at ease. She was as lovely as I had been told she was, down to earth, easy to talk to and get along with and I began to relax as we talked about all sorts of random things. When I tried putting Peter’s harness on he showed her how much he detested it lol! She asked me to walk to the door and call him to me but he didn’t come but I was laughing because Karen said that I was thinking he wasn’t going come and we’ve tried all this before lol! I was right he never came so I had to go and get him. She suggested to try a harness that goes over his back rather than over his head which she thought would work slightly better but I said think he shall always be a drama queen! We decided to do the shortest route which would be to Waitrose so we set out first without Peter as it was easier trying to find the route before taking him out in harness so not to confuse him. We found a good route, did it with Peter who did very well and she was impressed with his work so I was pleased. We then came back, she left me with this harness to try and to try out the Waitrose route with Peter before she came out the following week.

On Monday 18th April Peter and I did the Waitrose route completely on our own with no one’s help, it was slightly complicated and I was hesitant in places but we did get there together and we got help around waitrose from a lovely lady but I told her I needed semi skimmed milk, gave her the list and she picked up a bottle with a red lid and I was thinking this isn’t right what do I do, so I asked her if it was the correct milk and whether their semi skimmed was red as I believed it was normally green so bless her she had made a mistake so she got the right one and we went on our way and she helped me to the door which was very kind even though I think we went out the wrong door but Peter found the steps again so that was good. I was very proud of Peter and Mum was as well when we got back home safely.

Wednesday 20th April Karen came back out with the new harness to try out even though she showed me several, one was a B type so that wasn’t much use and the other one was fabric which she said wouldn’t be much use either so I was given to try the one very similar to the one I have but with a clip round the neck rather than just the chest clip so its a bit more fiddly because it had the velcro on as well which was annoying but I took it off and its better even though that took me ages to get off! We tried the new harness on our way into town and it was better because I was able to put it on him more subtly without him causing a right drama! It was a complicated route again trying to figure out the best way with the pavements suddenly running out, crossing roads many times and the narrow pavements but we got there and she told me where WESC was because I wanted to volunteer there so we went in and spoke to the lady who runs it and she was really nice, she said bring in the paperwork and I will sort it out so I brought that in on Friday when we went down again into town.

On the same afternoon once Karen had gone I had an interview which I thought went really well, the lady tried to ring me an hour or so after my interview but I didn’t recognise the number and didn’t think they would call with a mobile and  I didn’t have signal so I thought I will wait till the morning but again was waiting for a no.

On Thursday 21st the lady rings me first thing in the morning and told me I had got the job! I could not believe it, I was so happy but was shocked and it didn’t sink in for a good couple of days. Everyone was congratulating me and it was overwhelming I cried with joy as I had had countless interviews over the last year and got constant rejections so for them to say yes I was gobsmacked really and didn’t know what to say, that was my main concern coming here and leaving my old job that I wouldn’t find another job here, I was saying to a lady at action for the blind that 1 month to find a job was a bit optimistic and here I was a week and half of being in Devon and I had a job!!! It was all falling into place and it made me realise that I need to put more trust in God knowing he has everything under control and that his plans and timings are perfect and that he works things out for our good and his glory :).

Today Tuesday 26th my GDMI Karen came out again to do the route into town and this time it wasn’t so complicated because Karen had thought through the best way to do it after last week. I suggested and she was gonna say lets go for a coffee today so after she said that I said “great minds think alike” and she certainly agreed. We were nearly in town and we debating which coffee shop to go into and Karen says she loves Costa so I said ok lets go there and then I only realised afterwards that she had said “why don’t we try coffee #1” that it was actually opposite to where we were but we asked someone in sea salt and they said it was back up the street so we went out and went into the coffee shop and I was debating whether to order a hot chocolate or a Frappe, I decided on a Frappe but then couldn’t decide on devils chocolate or strawberries and cream but I decided on strawberries and cream which was slightly healthier lol! Not by much probably but anyway I hadn’t had a hot chocolate for a good few weeks so I decided to treat myself and I bought Karen a drink so she chose a Flat white coffee. I can’t quite remember when this happened lol and why but Karen fell off the kerb bless her and I burst out laughing, I think she gave some people a near heart attack but I said she really needed a coffee and she agreed she couldn’t function without one so  I think thats when we went to the cafe lol! And also Karen taught us a fun way of learning how to know which side roads cars are coming in or out of or both ways and she made it up so the first side road was in, the second was out and the third we wanted a shake it all about but it was another in so we were both gutted! That will definitely help me remember which side road is which though I hope anyway if I can stop laughing overtime I get to them! We then walked back and something else happened which made us laugh but I cannot remember what it was. I was getting worried because it was 11:40 already but anyway we decided to walk back because Karen said it would be ok and it was a uneventful journey back which was good just the uphill struggle as always but I will get used to it at some point lol!

Karen is coming back out tomorrow so we can do the buses and do a bit more work in town before letting us loose on our own :).

I am up to date now so will update again tomorrow…






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