GDMI visit & International Guide Dog Day

Today my GDMI Karen came back out to do buses into town, do a little bit of work in town and go back on the bus. We got to the bus stop and Karen was reading something and she asked me to if I had my phone, I said yes and she said type in this code and send it to this number and apparently it would tell us when the next 3 buses were arriving, we didn’t believe it so I did it and literally minutes later a text came through with the info we needed it was amazing and Karen had to eat her words because we were amazed it actually worked so I saved the number under the bus stop name so I would remember but she also showed me where it was on the bus stop so if I was stuck It was quite big so I could just about read it which was good but have it on my phone for back up in case I couldn’t read it dependant on time of day etc. When the bus came we got on and it was packed but there was a seat to the right but a big pole in the middle which we had to go round and because it’s similar contrast to the floor it’s quite difficult to see so we just have to remember that there is a pole before we get to the seat that’s available but I’m used to using buses quite a lot so I kind of know their layout. Peter couldn’t tuck in on the route to town because it was busy and we had a lady with a Zimmer frame next to us so Karen looked after his bum and tail whilst he sat up and looked at me, the lady and a lot of other people got off at the next bus stop which is a bus stop we could have got off as well but we didn’t know at that point so stayed on till the next stop so she could teach us the route from there into town. The town itself is complicated but I’m sure when I get used to it and Peter too things will get easier, it’s all just very confusing at the moment but Peter is being a bit of a sod especially in quiet areas he goes snails pace lol! I think he’s a city dog at heart as he thrives when it gets busy but we can’t really stride out here like in MK because we have to keep stopping which I think bores and frustrates him and we did a bit of shopping which he isn’t a fan of and would rather go to the beach and have a swim lol! We then had a coffee and a lovely chat before we would head back home via Natwest because I needed to change back my African Rand. Karen tested me several times today on different things but I failed miserably lol! And I’m supposed to have good route memory, I’m not so sure hehe! We then got the bus back but it’s difficult to know which stop I should get off at because it’s all on a straight road so we kind of had look for some landmarks so I could feel when the bus was going past a corner and then depending on if people get off or not it’s meant to be the third stop but I don’t think it’s too much of a problem if I miss my stop or get off to early because hopefully I will know the route then because we’ve walked it, typically the bus numbers and times are changing from Tuesday which doesn’t help things but I just have to forget the bus numbers from this week and focus on next week and hopefully we will be ok. We’ve had to do several off kerbs in the last 2 days but Peter is doing them well. We then got home and Karen got what she needed from the health books so she can write up my notes bless her and then she left and I have to ring her Friday after my meeting tomorrow to let her know about my work route etc and when she should come next.

As you may be aware it is International Guide Dog Day and I wanted to recognise what my Guide Dogs have done for me so here goes:

Life was very different before I had a Guide Dog

My life was a blur full of mist and fog

I didn’t feel like I existed

Because I wasn’t assisted


Until Guide Dogs came along that was

And told me what would help, four paws

The wait took a long while

Because of my lifestyle

As it does with anyone

Because we are such fun


Pearce was my first Guide Dog

And Texan number two

And finally it’s Peter

All have changed my life so much


They are incredible

And so very biddable

Working hard, playing hard

And having lots of fun


They keep me safe

And guide me through

The paths of town and to my job

And wherever I need to go


They are so very clever

And life is never the same

They have changed my life

Beyond belief and given me

The confidence I need

To cope with my life

Now and in the future

But what I now know is

Thanks to Guide Dogs

I will always until I’m too old

Or something Happens to me

I will always have a Guide Dog

By my side šŸ™‚


Dedicated to my 3 wonderful guide dogs Pearce, Texan & Peter. Our 2 amazing GDMIs Michela who trained me with all 3 of my beautiful boys and now Karen who has taken over the reins. Thank you to the boys puppy walkers who did an amazing job to bring up, nurture and care for them to help them become the life changers they have been. Thanks to the Brood Bitch holders who nurture and love the pups for 6 weeks and the Stud Dog and Brood Bitch themselves who created these life changers. Their early trainers not sure who Pearce’s was but Victoria who was Texan’s and Laura who was Peter’s and to all the fundraisers, volunteers and supporters whom without not many guide dogs would exist. THANK YOU and Happy International Guide Dog Day.






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