Positive meeting with my new workplace :)

Had a meeting this morning at 11am with my new workplace and what a refreshing and positive attitude to disability they have. My manager met me outside the college and met my mum as well which was lovely for mum as well to see who my manager would be. Mum and dad then left and the lady showed me to reception where they would sign me in and give me a visitors badge. Then instead of where we went for the interview we went the opposite way and Peter was incredibly excited about the whole experience and we heard the peacocks make their spring noises shall we say which Peter was very intrigued by. She then showed me the area I will be working in but they hadn’t quite figured out where my office was going to be because they wanted to find the most accessible office for me which I thought was really considerate of them. We then went into the student services area and met the other 2 lovely ladies and we had a good chat, they asked me what I needed no questions asked and they wanted to make my life at work easier right from the very beginning so I already felt very positive and if they couldn’t do enough for me. We then after a long chat we went back out towards the cafe where they would buy me a hot chocolate and a muffin and we had a lovely chat about my previous jobs and the volunteering I and what my sight was like but all done in a very none patronising way which was lovely. On the way out they noticed about the steps and the doors and how they could change things to make life easier for me. It was amazing to witness the thought and consideration they put in just so they could have me working for them. It really was a breath of fresh air. They said I did an amazing interview and immediately once I had left they said she’s the one we want, we have it sorted! I couldn’t believe it when they told me that, I was blown away, they certainly won’t regret taking us on. Peter was showing me up slightly because he was just excited by the whole thing he couldn’t believe it either I don’t think but we need to work on that excitability a little bit with the help of Karen hopefully because he’s pulling my arm off. They also said if there is anything they can do to support me with my mild Cerebral Palsy as well then I just have to tell them and they will sort it out :). I am so so pleased to have the wonderful opportunity of a new job which I have never done before in such beautiful grounds in a beautiful part of East Devon :). Feeling really blessed right now :). I am due to start end of May/Beginning of June. Can’t wait now really but they want me to have best start possible with everything in place so I can learn and get on with my new job :). So excited and they loved Peter even though he was sod lol!

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