Fundraising & Practiced Route into town

Well this morning was interesting I first as I had been jumped on at the speaker day last Saturday to help at a collection for Guide Dogs at Aldi in Honiton and because they needed dogs I said I would help, it was only for 1 1/2 hours so not too bad and I had a lovely time chatting and getting to know the branch organisers but there obviously seems to be some issues between branches so I am not getting stuck in politics again, I had enough of that running the MK branch! I just volunteered to do my bit and will be helping Exeter Branch in Sidmouth next Saturday as well before meeting up with 2 Flattie GDOs in the afternoon. Anyway Peter was also a pain in the bum during the collection constantly pulling to get outside and get to the elderly retired guide dog outside who obviously had no interest in him whatsoever! One of the fundraisers said to me “is he meant to pull you like that” so I said he’s not meant to but he’s still a dog and a very lively one at that too, people seem to think they should be perfect and unfortunately Peter is very head strong and my arm was very weak and painful today after he pulled me around my workplace the other day so my arm was not best pleased and has decided to complain all afternoon! I took Texan as well who as always was an angel. Once 11am came I was ready to go because Peter was beginning to get on my nerves and I really needed to get him out and work him so finally when mum and dad came I went to the car whilst they did the shopping. We then went home and I decided rather than sitting down I would work Peter into town and have an ice cream. Dad followed behind. Peter has fantastic route memory and is very clever and you can just sense is brain working thank goodness lol! The route to town was faultless, he was a star I am pleased to say and we flew into town, the only tricky bit was the road crossing which I cannot for the life of me remember what it’s called but there’s a blind bend and a car only saw us last minute so it was quite a scare and dad didn’t like it but there’s no other option I don’t think and we had to deal with it when walking into Bletchley, I just couldn’t really hear because there were car noises around everywhere which was confusing. We then carried on and we were remembering and laughing in my head about the in, out, in must have completely bypassed Natwest because before we knew it we were at the crossing which only because of Peter we found it otherwise I would have gone straight past thinking it wasn’t coming yet. After his smashing work Peter and I made up and we sat and had cuddles on the esplanade even though I know what he was thinking let me off so I can go in the sea lol! We went into hardware shop cause dad needed something and we then went to find the ice cream shop got ourselves and ice cream and sat by the esplanade until the rest of family came to meet us. The rest of the family had taken the car down so we sat there for a bit but it was kind of like they wanted to go already so soon after they arrived. The car was parked in Temple street and so we started off on the right side I think but ended up on the wrong side because I completely misjudged and got confused about which side I was meant to end up on but I only realised when we got to a narrow bit that we were on the wrong side but we had to keep going but we finally got to the car and I was glad to get back home and have a rest. Later on in the day we took the dogs for a walk in Budleigh which they loved, the weather was fab and we had beautiful walk along a nature reserve and on the beach.

Church tomorrow morning and I need to fill out all the paperwork I received today with my official letter of appointment to the post of Student Adviser.

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