Swimming, Swimming & More Swimming

This bank holiday weekend has been all about swimming lol! Friday my sister and I went into the sea by the esplanade in Sidmouth in our wet suits so it wasn’t too bad but it was still cold! Saturday we visited Dartmoor National Park and walked the 2 bridges walk by the river and went for a wild swim, swimsuit only this time and boy that was freezing! Peter & Joey at first started barking on top of the rock as my sister began to swim and they then jumped in and went to try and rescue her and I stayed close to shore but it was slippery so I had to be careful, had several swims in there and it was actually quite refreshing because my legs were pretty painful by this point and I wasn’t sure whether to go in but I am glad I did because it definitely felt better on the way back because I am guessing they were numbed lol! Then Sunday we were due to go Kayaking but the wind even though the weather was lovely the wind was up so for us it probably wasn’t too safe so we went swimming instead by Jacobs ladder beach, first time ever we’ve seen Sidmouth and the beaches so full! It is only gonna get worse! Mum came in for a little swim too yesterday which was good. It is such an effort to take a wetsuit on and off though, I am exhausted just putting it on and then when its wet and you have to take it off I dread it and sometimes think why do I bother! And today it was my sister’s last day before heading back to birmingham and she wanted another swim so she and I walked with the dogs through the byes as they hadn’t been for a walk yet and then dad picked up Texan and Pip and we took Peter and Joey to Jacobs ladder again and today instead of what people do normally swimming with dolphins we did swimming with dogs lol! It was so cool, Peter loved every minute of it and just swam and swam with us, he took me to shore at one point but it was pure bliss for him whilst Joey bless him on the other hand stood at the waters edge just going in with his feet, he wanted to but he wanted his mum to come and get him so he Ā did and he went out with her and then swam with peter and her for a while before we decided to get back out again. The pebbles are so painful I can’t walk on them and I keep falling over which is quite embarrassing because I can’t balance on the stones but they are so warm when you lie on them and your wetsuit doesn’t get sandy so they are the plus sides but you have to go quite deep in to get to sand so a pretty painful massage! I have hurt my back somehow too maybe pulled a muscle or something but it was all revitalising which was good. Now looking forward to tomorrow and then I will need a rest lol!

Tomorrow me and my friend Jenny are heading to Teignmouth for the day for some lunch and meeting up with friends of mine who I only found out got there today so that will be lovely to see them as I haven’t seen them in ages! Looking forward to it, it is a good trip to learn because lots of my friends go to teignmouth so it means I will be able to go more often without relying on mum and dad once I’ve learnt the buses etc. Hoping Peter will be a good boy.


Newton Abbott

Yesterday morning I had to bake a sand cake before taking the dogs for a walk because we were going to Newton Abbott later because dad had an apt for work in the afternoon.

We first decided to go to Trago Mills which sells literally everything you could ever want apart from a kayak lol which is what we are looking for as now living by the seaside a kayak is a must. We got there and walked into the shop and I stopped for some reason I think waiting for mum and dad to decide what they wanted to do, suddenly I had this man come up to me, didn’t notice him at first until he said “excuse me is this a working dog” so I said “yes he is a guide dog, my guide dog” and he went to have a look at this collar and so I said “would you like to see my I.D.” And he said “yes please” so I fiddled around in my bag knowing I had it on me thank goodness otherwise I’m not sure what would have happened anyway I found it, took the book out of the wallet and showed it to him, he then said “thank you very much, I have to ask because I have had people who fake it, thank you very much for carrying your I.D. With you always” so I just said “your very welcome” and he let me go on my way. After this my sister and dad say “is this a first, have you ever been asked this before” so I said “no, never been asked to prove that we are a working partnership” I was a bit shaken but he wasn’t nasty I had just never experienced it before so got a bit flustered but I can understand it if they get people who try it on but this is what makes life so difficult for official working partnerships and it is a shame but to all assistance dog owners, guide dog owners and hearing dog owners please always carry your I.D. and you will be ok, if you don’t then who knows what might happen. Thank you guide dogs and A.D.U.K for my I.D. Booklet šŸ™‚ you saved me from humiliation and being sent out the store!

We then went on to Newton Abbott after we got what we needed, walked around and I went to sit on a bench as my sister was looking for sunglasses but as we were walking towards the Bench I heard someone making a noise as to entice Peter because he got really excited so I told Peter no and told him to behave followed swiftly by a good boy when he had done what I told him, told him to find the bench which he did perfectly, there was a man sat there so I got Peter to sit and I made him wait, the man started saying “I want to stroke him but know I can’t because he’s a guide dog” I said “no your not normally meant to distract them because it can interfere with their work but now that I am safe and sat down you can say hello” mum was here at this point as well so he said “can I stroke him then” at this point Peter was nudging the man and going under his elbow to get him to stroke him so I said “he’s not gonna allow you not to stroke him so I think you have no option” so he was very happy and proceeded to tell us how his wife doesn’t have dogs but he used to have them and he loves them but now he isn’t allowed, in the mean time Peter was slowly creeping onto the bench and I didn’t notice at first until he was kind of lying on the bench next to the man, the man was obviously very sad and needed cheering up because he only does it when a person is upset or he feels they need cheering up, I told Peter to get off quietly but he didn’t listen instead he got into an upsit and just sat looking at me as if to say I am just cheering up this man mum and he gave me a big smile so I had to laugh! My sister finally finished and we were able to go. We then were really hungry soĀ had burger and chips in Burger King, it was very quiet in there but the staff were lovely, they brought us our burgers and when mum asked them for some water the lad came proudly with it in a little tray for Peter which Peter needed bless him so that was kind of them. We then went back to the car and it was perfect timing as dad had just returned to the car as well, we then went into Exeter back to Tkmaxx lol for a new handbag for me and my sister needed some bits and bobs and mum wanted to see if they had a kayak because they had where my sister lives in the Cotswolds but nothing but we got what we wanted which was good I got a new handbag and my sister finally got sunglasses! We then went home and had a rest before taking the pet dogs out for their 2nd walk of the day.

I also ordered my new phone yesterday which is coming today. I’ve converted back to Apple so hope I get on ok with it. I have 14 days to exchange with another phone if I don’t like it or don’t get on with it but I love my iPad and MacBook so don’t see why I shouldn’t get on with it. Will take time getting used to the screen size but I think it’s not much smaller than the note 3 but will see.




Waking up to… & our walk to Lidl’s

This morning I woke up to something I really wasn’t expecting or wanting either but it was Peter being sick! Now normally bless him the last few times anyway he was waited till I woke up and came and told me he needs to be sick and I can Normally tell but I was fast asleep today and Maybe didn’t recognise the signs poor boy but he threw up a Kong duck small which he must have found somewhere anyway it came out whole along with grass, sticks and other things so I had to put him outside and wipe up the mess which was unfortunately on my carpet which isn’t the best for cleaning up dog sick but we haven’t got round to laminating it yet so it had to be done! He was a bit quiet during the morning but he perked up a bit later so I thought I would give him some fresh air on a short route, mum said she needed to go Lidl’s and I decided to walk now we got there in lightening speed because Peter somehow decided he fancied this route today and normally when we go that way we normally cross over but today somehow Peter knew and went straight past the crossing without hesitation as if to say I know where I’m going and he led the way beautifully but was definitely a Farrari. I have a video of a but of the journey but unfortunately I can’t retrieve it off my phone due to my phone throwing a hissy fit today and doesn’t look like it’s going to behave any time soon unfortunately which is not what I need right now. Anyway we were brattering along and as we get to the steps he slows down so as to indicate them which was really good and we got up the steps and across the crossing and towards the door as mum shouts we are over here lol wherever over here is! Anyway she gave me money and a bag to go and get some bread from the bakery and Peter again did well, the bakery staff were helpful and Peter ignored people making noises at him which I know for him is hard but he focused on the job in hand so well done Peter :). Maybe we are turning a corner I hope so anyway.

The rest of the day was relaxing, looking at phone upgrades, kayaks etc before taking the dogs for a walk up on mutters Moore this evening.

Sidmouth meet up/Mock Exam/ATW

Yesterday finally came round when I was properly able to meet Ione and Jenny both lovely Guide dog owners and their mums who live in Devon. I walked down via our road route and was due to meet Jenny at the swimming pool at 1pm I turned up at 12:50 so I waited and then I decided to go into the swimming pool and ask for a leaflet with the prices for swimming and then I came back out texted Jenny and sat waiting for a response. She text saying she was still on the bus and they would walk along the esplanade so I said I will head to Mocha and should see you as you have to pass it to get to the swimming pool. Shortly after I got there I received the text from Ione to say they were leaving and they would be nearly there. Anyway Jenny and her mum arrived and we had a good chat and it got to 1:30 and I thought I hope they haven’t got lost, so we decided to go in and order and I text to say we would meet them inside. They arrived about 13:45 all hot and bothered bless them. We ordered our food, I had a lovely omelette again which was delicious! We chatted for ages and in the midst of talking Jenny is going “Patty down, Patty down” every so often and Patty wasn’t taking any notice lol I had to laugh even though it wasn’t funny but I have the problem with Peter sometimes too and so I know it’s frustrating but I can’t help but laugh, I love their character somehow not sure why! Peter was exemplary In the cafe even I was impressed! Once we had all finished some of us went to the ladies before heading to the byes for a much deserved free run and again Peter was so good until he saw the byes and he couldn’t help but get a little excited and all I could hear behind me was “Patty, Steady” in the end we let them go ahead even though it didn’t help very much. We let them off and Peter went to have a roll, Courtney went straight in the river and Patty did her own thing. Peter then joined Courtney in the water and Patty became braver seeing the others have fun and did paddle in the end. We then went back I said goodbye to all and went back through the byes but working him this time and he was really good, he did this all without his gentle leader on so I was very impressed, I think he was showing off lol! I was shattered when I got home though, it was warm and the stupid hill to get to our house, I nearly didn’t make it! I was so thirsty when I got home and had to rest for several hours but I had to move again in the end otherwise I knew I would get stiff so we went with the pet dogs for a gentle walk in the evening. Peter was shattered too bless him. I slept well last night but it was a lovely day and hope to do it again soon :).

This morning I went to My new workplace to hand in my ATW report and we decided to delay my start date most likely till after I get back from doing my exams back in MK beginning of June so I am hoping at least the most important equipment will be sorted and in place by the time I get back, it will mean I can fully focus on work then not worrying about revising for exams etc. We then went to the garden centre and then home, had lunch and then I sat down to do my last mock exam to finish my course so that’s now handed in so just need to await the result. I then booked assistance for my journey to and from Milton Keynes and they were really helpful so fingers crossed it will go smoothly but bless Jenny she has said that she would go on a short journey with me next week to bring my confidence up as I’m feeling pretty nervous about doing the journey all alone but I am sure Peter will show is magic and do me proud. And then we had a walk on the beach this evening because it was lovely still.


Last few days

sorry I haven’t posted since Tuesday I think but been busy. Tuesday I didn’t do very much, Wednesday I didn’t do a lot either and Thursday I went to Teignmouth for the night to spend some time with some friends who were staying in Teignmouth till today. Had a lovely time and went to visit RHS Rosemoor gardens yesterday with them and then the lady’s guide dog was handed over to her new owners at the end of the day out and I went back home with her new owners who are very good friends of mine whom I like to call my Auntie & Uncle because they are so lovely and the dog will have a lovely life with them and the lady gets her new dog on Monday. So many beautiful, colourful flowers out in the gardens.

This morning I volunteered at WESC charity shop in Sidmouth 10:30-1pm and I had a wonderful time learning the till, meeting people and Peter loved it too and made lots of friends :).

Some photos:

one of Peter standing in WESC looking at shop manager standing on a grey carpet with the bottom half of customers in the background.

one shows Peter in front of a lake with lily pads on it and gunnera behind in harness and another shows Peter in front of pink rhododendron

the others are all close ups of yellow, red, pink, lilac and white flowers

Workplace assessment/Dog Training

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageYesterday I had my ATW assessment at work to discuss the equipment I need to enable me to do my job. It was the first time I met the lady from HR, I had already met the health and safety officer and then the ATW Adviser who I hadn’t met before either. We signed in and then we headed to my office and I was in front with Ross and was nervous because I didn’t know the way but I needn’t have worried because Peter was on top form and led the way confidently right to my office and he’d only been there once but not guiding as I had Karen with me last time so I was amazed and so Proud of him, we got in and sat down and I roll peter to lay down thinking I was going to get an attitude look from him but I didn’t he lay down immediately and was ever so good so I was pleased. The H&S officer had to leave halfway through as he was summoned but it was fine, we discussed the work I would be doing and she asked me what equipment I think I will need and then she suggested other things which also would be useful which I had never thought of but when she said it I realised they would make a huge difference, it was very quick because I knew what helped me and she didn’t have to faff getting her laptop out or anything and the things she suggested for meetings and things were quite simple things and I use one of the products she suggested at home and it makes a difference so for note taking etc it will be fabulous šŸ™‚ we then walked back to reception said our goodbyes and I went outside and sat on the bench and called Dad but they were only just in Honiton so they said I would have to wait at least half an hour and suggested I get a drink but I couldn’t so we sat on the bench a bit longer before walking down the long path to give Peter a leg stretch, see if we could see any lambs and just stroll, we took our time, I took lots of pictures, Looked at the lake and then walked through the monkey puzzles and sat at the end on some grass waiting for them to come. They finally came and we drove home.

today I didn’t do much had a lazy day but the dogs got bored towards lunchtime as we were confined to my bedroom whilst mum and Dad laid the laminate in the hall so I took them out in the garden and did some obedience training, touch training and teaching them to leave things that are on the floor such as toys and food and also teaching them Hand signals for sit and down. All of them did well at different things and not so well on others lol but we had fun and it tired them out until we were finally able to take them out for a walk.

tomorrow is another day of not doing much, getting bored now though so I may go into town but will see what it brings. Apparently according to my mum and a lady on Facebook the picture of Peter in front of the monkey puzzle trunk looks like a giant elephants leg lol cause it’s wrinkly, it’s true šŸ™‚

Recall training/donkey sanctuary

Yesterday morning Peter and I did our first volunteering stint at the donkey sanctuary at the welcome hut, we were met by a lovely lady called Jill who showed me the ropes of what I needed to do but it all seemed pretty simple and she said you can’t do anything wrong so that relaxed me a little. I along with Peter would welcome people to the donkey sanctuary and provide them with a map and a booklet if they wanted it and some people would be happy with that and others would ask questions about the donkeys they adopted and where they would be and some just wanted general information about the donkey sanctuary and others wanted to know about walks, where they could see the most donkeys and how to get down to the sea and the most unusual but quite funny was do you have a plaster at the end of the day, the little boy showed me his finger and of course I couldn’t see anything but his dad was saying he was exaggerating but that it was his fault for biting his skin and a plaster would stop it hopefully so I called via a radio for a plaster and Up comes the caretaker in his massive truck just for a plaster for the little boy, he dumped me with the first aid kit lol and I had no idea where they were but I found the plaster and we had a very happy little boy after that. Lots of dogs came, a beautiful 5 month old unusual looking German shepherd which made me think of some mad shepherd friends of mine and I held a dog for a lady who had come on her own and needed the loo and gave a wheelchair to someone who needed to borrow it for their mother. All in 3 hours work. Peter was a star and loved all the attention and if he was hot or tired he went into the shed to snooze but he did make a lot of friends which boosted his ego even further lol! We then went home, had some lunch and had a rest as I was tired from all the standing, talking and listening.

I then in the evening took Peter to a field and did some recall training and was armed with various treats and toys and he came back every time so today I did it at the beach and again he was perfect but Maybe he’s lulling us into a false sense of security or whatever you call it lol but mum said he’s got to grow up sometime, I said fat chance maybe when he’s 8 and I’m just about to retire him he will be perfect lol! I love his quirky ways and his character, I know I’ve moaned because we’ve had a bad week or so and he is a teenager so it’s to be expected so I’m hoping we will click and become as one with each other soon.

Workplace assessment tomorrow with Access to work so will see how that goes and keep you posted…