Church & a lovely walk

We went to church this morning but we were a bit later than last time so the seats we sat in weren’t available so we were shown seats on the other side at the front which was better for me as I could see a bit more. So we walked and there’s a raised surface which I didn’t know about but Peter decided because it was quite narrow he would walk on this platform and me on the floor and then he came off and someone was clapping because we came in during a song and Peter thought ooh I you clapping at me so I had to correct him and he then took me to the seat we had been shown, he lay down. Literally stretched out as long and as wide just because he could and he was perfectly well behaved, no getting up during the middle of the service and nearing the end when the children came back in and they stroked him as they went past he just rolled on his back as if to say I want more of this lol! But then he must somehow understand when they say final song or this is the end of the service because then he gets up. We spoke to a lovely young couple who were there with their elderly parents who had just lost their golden retriever and so wanted another dog. We spoke to a lot of other people today too before final,y heading out after getting loads of fuss, we spoke briefly to the lady I met last week and she gave me her number and said if I ever need a walking dog partner she would be willing to help which I thought was lovely, we Also spoke to the lovely Danish couple who have invited us round for a cup of tea next week so next Saturday will be busy but I am looking forward to the Sidmouth Flag day for guide dogs and then meeting fellow Flattie GDOs and then going round the couple’s house.

We then went out came home and went for walk by the donkey sanctuary and the donkeys today were making such a racket lol! They definitely were in spring mode lol! We then walked down many steps again and up and down steep hills to get to another secluded beach which was lovely but the trek up was hard again, how I ever made Snowdon I have no idea! Don’t think I could do it now unfortunately :(. Even though Snowdon was a killer and I was in agony for days I’m glad I did it when I did.

Now I am going to rest and do some studying whilst my boys sleep soundly on my bedroom floor šŸ™‚

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