Route to town& a lovely da.

I did the route into town this morning with Peter and again he was paw perfect even though he was slightly reluctant at first because mum and sister were behind us but he soon realised if he sped up then they wouldn’t be so close and he could then concentrate and he could show them how good and clever he was which he did brilliantly remembering all the crossing points and being careful when coming to the narrow stretch so I was very impressed with him again today. We went into the local co-op where apparently at the till the woman was trying to describe a dog she had seen rolling and it turned out to be a bull dog but afterwards mum said the face she tried to make to imitate a bull dog was hilarious, shame I didn’t see it! All because we had said Peter loves to roll and that’s how he keeps his coat shiny.

We then went into a bakery and bought a white bap and a tea cake and because it was such a beautiful morning we sat by the seafront and we couldn’t believe and still can’t believe we are walking distance from a beach! Still feels like we are on holiday. We then took a walk back through the beautiful byes and I let Peter have a quick dip because he was hot bless him which he was grateful for but didn’t want to come out lol! We then got home and had a bit of a rest before taking our other dogs and dad up to Salcombe Hill for their walk, no rest for the wicked!

I hand and knee are still bruised and my arms are sore but the walking helped loosen my leg muscles which was good.

A couple from MK are staying in Teignmouth later this month so I’ve booked myself in for a night so I can spend some time with them which I am looking forward to :).

My GDMI the lovely Karen is coming out tomorrow again so I can learn the route to work. Looking forward to meeting one of the ladies again and the maintenance man whose supposed to do the work we request I think and hand in DBS forms etc to get the ball rolling so I can start this exciting new job.

See you tomorrow…

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