My new workplace

Today was the day my GDMI and I were going to go to my new workplace and help them to see if any other changes need to be made to the building for me. We had a look at different options with the buses and figured the route there wasn’t quite gonna work because Of having to cross the busy road but there are different options which are being discussed and can be put in place so it’s no big deal we were joking afterwards me and Karen saying if only we could lift the road and place it on the other side that would be perfect šŸ™‚ but ain’t gonna happen, the route home is doable as Karen would say which is positive and it’s a lovely walk up to the college with sheep in the fields and the noises of all the different animals and the magnificent monkey puzzles it’s wonderful! We put Peter’s gentle leader on because that meant he would behave and he was very good because we did try him off it for a bit and he became naughty so we put it back on. We walked all round discussing different things and I got to see our new office which is lovely and it’s quite a maze but we will get used to it, it’s just all new at the moment, I also handed in my paperwork so that needs to be done and apparently both my references have come through so that’s all good too so just awaiting the DBS now and then we can confirm a start date which will be good. We then went home and Karen said she won’t be coming for a while now but I must let her know when I have a start date. I was really sad to hear that she’s not coming until I need her again šŸ˜¦ I may just have to think of an excuse to see her! Lol, she’s busy bless as are they all but I hope she knows she’s brilliant just like my last GDMI šŸ™‚

Didnt really do much for the rest of the day until later when we walked along the esplanade and along Jacobs ladder beach which was lovely as again it was a perfect evening :). Depending on what happens tomorrow I may or may not blog…

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