Route to town today!

After we had our 3 pet dogs to the byes for a walk this morning mum and I decided we would walk down into Sidmouth with Peter. It was a beautiful day. Peter however decided today he was going to be uncooperative, stubborn and just a complete sod on the way into town. Unfortunately parallel to our walk into town is the park and the river and even though we have never used those side streets to get to the park he still knows it’s there but he has been so good and resisted the last few times I’ve walked down into town with him and I have to say the two times I’ve done it he was paw perfect but today he was having none of it! He went at a snails pace, would try when we were crossing to go across rather than straight and was a complete pain! Got his gentle leader out in the end and he sort of behaved better knowing I had it in my hand ready to put on if he did it again. Obviously he got really excited when we got near the esplanade again but he’s not allowed on that beach till end of sept now so we sat on the top for a while and then we went down the far end and sat on the rocks eating bread us humans that is lol!

We then wanted dad to pick us up but couldn’t get any signal, 1 text went and I got one back but then I couldn’t get any signal so mum went walking up and down the esplanade with the phone to no avail so she told me to come up so I came up with Peter and we walked along all the time trying to get hold of dad, I was saying stupid Sidmouth no signal in this place and mum agreed and said if there’s no signal we will get no young people! Finally when we got to the hotel part of town we managed to get signal but the message wouldn’t send so I had to ring dad twice because he couldn’t hear us first time and then we finally managed to tell him where we were so he could come with the car to get us.

Tomorrow is a new day so let’s hope Peter cooperates tomorrow but I do think the gentle leader will unfortunately have to come out a bit more often again, I just don’t like them because they are so fiddly and with Peter being a drama queen everything is 10x worse lol! The harness is working better though which is good as he cant be as much of a drama queen with this one thank goodness even though in his nature he’s always gonna be a monkey and even though it’s hard work and challenging sometimes I’ve fallen in love with him and his character and we kind of have to accept him the way he is and because I know he can and does work well we can move forward together. It’s all still really new for both of learning all these different routes and not kind of having a routine like we had in MK so hopefully once we start work things will be easier and he will know what he’s doing and when which will help a lot as at the moment I am going out just to work him because he needs it and maybe he misses our coffee shop expeditions who knows with my boy but right now this evening he’s still wants to play and has just bought me a sopping wet water wubba and placed it on my lap and sat next to me slumped like he does when he knows I’m gonna ignore him lol! These Flatties truly are too clever for their own good!



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