Sidmouth today & meeting up with Friends

Today I decided I was going to do the route into Sidmouth again with Mr Sod but I wasn’t having any nonsense today and so I put his gentle leader on so I knew he would behave!

I had to get the ball rolling for Access to Work today as well so I rung them and I’m getting a call on Monday to discuss my claim for support.

Peter didn’t like his gentle leader and he never has either but today decided he was gonna crawl at a snails pace into town but I just ignored his moodiness as I was quite happy going slowly because it was already hot. He did well and as we were halfway to town my friends text me back and they were in the byes but I decided to go into town and await their response as to where they were. I met them in the byes as Peter was quite hot so Ā I let him cool off in the river and get a drink and we met up and Peter and Elliott loved playing with each other, Zante was a bit more sophisticated for a Flattie but he is 9 and only started to calm down a year ago! This gives me hope lol! I’ve got to deal with this monkey behaviour for another 5 years! Anyway apparently it’s the norm with the Flatties and there is a certain energy and thrill about working them even though I could throttle sometimes lol! They are one of a kind, nothing like no other and I think every guide dog after Peter will be boring lol he’s such a character!

We walked into town and Peter was very well behaved and was certainly strutting his stuff thank goodness, we decided to go to Mocha on the beach a lovely cafe and the staff were so friendly and helpful it was lovely so she got a big tip from us at the end and I told her I will be back :). As we came out people wanted to stroke the boys so we let them and a young girl in a wheelchair came over with her what I’m guessing are her parents and she was quite taken by the boys and they were telling us all about WESC and Buddy dog Billy, Peter was so gentle with her like he was with the little boy that time, he’s got such a big heart šŸ™‚ all 3 of the boys were very good with her because she was quite rough sometimes but they loved the attention. It was about 3:30pm when we finally finished nattering, eating and drinking and we decided to head off, I went back with them to their hotel and then went on my normal route home where I met the family again but we didn’t stop this time but we did say hello after we realised who it was! It was odd doing it backwards as it was the first time Peter and I had done the route completely on our own both ways, he was tired by this point bless him so I took the gentle leader off and he behaved even though again we missed the crossing point and I got annoyed at myself for missing it but I was beyond it at this point but I knew I had gone wrong but couldn’t figure out where so I stopped and figured out where I was meant to be, we back tracked to the crossing and then we were ok but it was then trying to find the next place we needed to cross because it’s all weird backwards but we did it. I was so shattered and I think Peter was too by the time we got back, my legs were hurting, I have gained a lovely blister and was out for near enough 5 hours so I was dying for some water and something to eat and a sit down because I knew we had to take the other boys out still for a walk so I sat down for a bit and watched what would be your miracle and then we went out again with the other dogs so I think I will sleep well tonight! Another busy day tomorrow with fundraising which I am going to use his gentle leader again so he doesn’t show me up, maybe meet up with my friends for a quick coffee before heading out to meet a couple whom we met at church so should be another good but exhausting day.


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