Fundraising and unexpected meeting

Well this morning we walked into town but after our route into town the other day didn’t go so well mum suggested to try the route through the byes which I was a bit dubious about trying but I knew I had mum and dad behind me so if anything went wrong I wasn’t on my own and it was a safer route into town and one which Peter couldn’t complain about because he was where he wanted to be just not in river like he wanted to be but I have to say with his gentle leader on he was mostly perfect but just as mum said he’s being a good boy he wanted to veer off to the river but he listened and kept going but I did feel a bit sorry for him because that must have taken all of his self control and concentration for him to be so good when there were loads of distractions. He took me to the toilets as I needed it by then lol! I had a thought and had to laugh to myself about it! Imagine I come to fundraising and they ask what happened to you? And I go I ended up in the river lol! It didn’t happen I am pleased to say he was exemplary today and even during fundraising he was amazingly well behaved after messing up a bed he had been given to lie on and only lay on it when it was to his liking lol! Spoke to and met some lovely people and spoke to a gentleman who lives in Whipsnade and has a corgi X Jack Russell and he used to live in far Bletchley at the back of the Saints Estate! I couldn’t believe it what a small world it is, they were on holiday in Sidmouth. Met another lovely GDO and her husband who are from elsewhere in Devon but came to help out and they loved Peter as their daughter apparently has a rejected FCR X Golden guide dog. I then afterwards decided to try the route back through the byes on my own as mum and dad had gone home already and because Peter had done me proud today I allowed him a little free run on the way back home which he was very grateful about and spent most of it in the river because he was hot! Half way along Peter was back on the lead at this point I bumped into a local GDO and her carer and her lovely guide dog Dexter as they were just entering the byes and they said “oh is it Lena, Karen has told us all about you” so We chatted for a bit and then another lady who said she knew Tommy and I didn’t get it at first but then I realised that it was the lady I had friended on Facebook a couple of days ago and who had puppy walked Tommy’s previous guide dog, it was a lovely meeting and we had a good chat before all heading our separate ways hoping to meet again at some point soon over a glass of vino as they say hehe! We then walked the rest of the way home and Peter was fab.

We then went out again shortly after we got back to meet up with the lovely couple from church, of course Peter loved their pet dog and they played for ages together and of course Peter as always has to find a ball somehow somewhere, little Bugger! He was then overtired I think so was beginning to misbehave so I put him on a lead and got him to lie down next to me and calm down. 3 hours later we came home and I am now exhausted and ready for bed! S

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