Reflection on the last few weeks

I thought today would be a good day to write a reflection on the last few weeks because I kind of had to give myself a bit of a break today because so much has happened over the last few weeks I think I was on overdrive and haven’t really had time to just sit or lie down and rest and today after our walk I crashed because it had been so warm and we went up and down hills and steps to get to this beach slightly easier than the first way we found down but still quite challenging and we had no water and I was so thirsty by the time we got back to the car and felt a headache coming on so I came home and drank water and then just crashed out on my bed for a while and listened to some music when I felt a bit better because I couldn’t do anything else but I needed that rest because I felt much better for it.

Anyway this time a month ago I was still in Swaziland and That’s hard to believe really! I miss that place and the people who I met and made lifelong friends with. I then came home and it was my sister’s 30th birthday, Wednesday she went back home, Thursday I met Karen (GDMI) for the first time and we learnt the route to waitrose that was the first day the non stop walking began lol because I needed to get Peter working again and into a kind of routine but we still aren’t there but we are getting there slowly and it will be easier once I start work.

I then did the route myself first time with a bit of hesitation but second and third time and so on we did well but Peter was getting bored of that one so next time she came we did the route into town on the tues and wed before we were signed off which is better because there’s more to do for me and more work for Peter to do because he likes it busy and of course the sea is down there which can be a nightmare but we try to avoid it if we can because he doesn’t concentrate lol!

I then had an interview on Wed afternoon 20th and was offered it on Thursday and they had even tried to get hold of me an hour after my interview but I didn’t recognise the number but anyway it was offered on Thursday and I couldn’t believe it, I felt numb the whole day, I cried at the news because I couldn’t believe someone had seen past my disabilities and seen me as me! The same day I got a phone call from the donkey sanctuary to say they would love me as a volunteer and I had been accepted to volunteer in the WESC foundation shop as well so suddenly I couldn’t give these charities the time they all needed! More on that in the next few days.

I then had several meetings with my new work place one to discuss my needs and the other with my GDMI to see if there was anything needed for Peter and anything else I might need and she helped me learn the route and will be coming back again I hope as I’ve forgotten lol! If she wants to that is hehe!

And the rest has been lots of exploring of the local area, lots of lovely walks but a lot with rocky and hilly terrains. I met a lovely couple who were here for donkey week and staying in the wonderful Bedford hotel a hotel I recommend for dog owners especially :). Met unexpectedly with a local GDO and another lady who used to puppy walk and lots of other lovely people. We have done 2 fundraising collections already for guide dogs not sure how much we raised at Aldi in Honiton but it was Ā£469 in Sidmouth so that’s brilliant!

I also heard my sponsor puppy Toby had been born, received his birth certificate and a picture and know he’s now with his puppy walker. More on him over the next few months.

Life so far in Sidmouth has worked out perfectly which just shows I didn’t need to worry, God has it all under control and I need to trust him more!

I still miss my MK friends, it’s not the same without you but I look forward to coming back in June to see at least some of you during the week I take my exams which I’m dreading already! I’m hoping in time I will make new friends but everyone is so lovely so I can’t see why not šŸ™‚

That’s it I think for now but I’m exhausted just writing it lol! Night night








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