Quiet day

It’s been a quiet day today and I really haven’t done much because it’s been raining which has been nice because I needed a break. Mum and dad went to pick up my sister and I stayed at home because I was awaiting a phone call from Access to Work at 12:30. They rung me on my mobile first but couldn’t hear me so she then rang me on my landline, I think my phone is useless lol! Anyway we went through about how my disabilities affect me and my new job role and how I will get to work etc and she then said I need a workplace assessment which will be arranged Within next 10 working days, she said I need to get 3 quotes from taxi companies and a bus fare single journey and send it to her so I did that and she then rang me again later asking for a workplace contact and now I just wait to hear. Pretty straight forward so far thank goodness but I am a bit worried about the workplace assessment as they always think they know best and they really don’t so I must put my foot down if they go for cheaper versions etc because I didn’t have guts last time and nothing worked out and everything was sent back and I then got what I needed so this time clamping down time lol!

I then was going to work Peter to waitrose but I really didn’t feel like it today traipsing up hills etc In the rain so I chickened out and got mum to go on the way back from Exeter and I played hide and seek with the dogs instead which they loved.

We took them for a walk in the evening when the rain had stopped and it was really misty and eery kind of beautiful though.

Tomorrow I am meeting a lady at the donkey sanctuary who I know is looking forward to meeting me and Peter even though I have no idea why lol but I am looking forward to going there too to see what I can do to help them even though there really won’t be enough days of the week to do everything for everyone so will have to see…

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