Last 2 days

sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but it was raining so I didn’t do much again, our dig care and welfare lady Glendale & Support Worker Donna were at a meeting with the vets I am planning on using for Peter & Texan so afterwards they rang and asked if they could pop in so I said yes and they came and I don’t think they were fond of Peter either even though he dies act completely stupidly sometimes but fortunately they know to ignore him and he calmed down in the end bless him but they loved Texan as everybody does šŸ™‚ Poor Peter šŸ˜¦ I love you Peter!

We then as a family went to Exeter to look for some work clothes for when I start work, went into White stuff my favourite clothing shop but yes I yes expensive and unfortunately we came on the wrong day because 20% off was only from today (12th) so I decided against buying anything abd decided to check online but of course the trousers I wanted weren’t in stock.

I woke up with a sore ankle for some reason I have no idea.

I rang the store this morning and the lady couldn’t find them, I was so disappointed but we decided to go back to Exeter today but this time we must have parked where all the GDMIs/Guide dog trainers park because there were about 3 or 4 cars and a van from guide dogs! my sister wanted a bag anyway and somwe went back to white stuff and they still had them but a different blue to the one I’d thought which is where the confusion was and I bought 3 tops as well so all is good and thanks to white stuff coming up trumps again :). Peter was excellent in Exeter, he thrives on the hustle and bustle of the city and worked amazingly well, my family were with us so we weren’t alone.

We then came home and took the dogs for a walk which they loved but we had a bit of a drama with our old boy Pip, mum and my sister were in the sea with their feet and Peter, Texan and Joey were down with them but Pip stayed with me as he doesn’t really like water and we were sitting there fine until mum called me to see if I wanted to go in With my feet so I got up ready to go down when suddenly pip was running towards the esplanade I called him but he didn’t listen and just ran out of sight so how I did it I have no idea but I got up and literally ran, obviously the others naturally wanted to follow but Joey and Peter went back and stayed whilst faithful Texan came with me as I ran to try and find Pip, fortunately people were very helpful and told me which way he had gone so I just kept running and a lady said he was going in and out between cars and was by a no entry sign, I couldn’t see it so I get running until I saw pip coming towards me again and fortunately he came to me and I put him on a lead, stroked him and walked back. He must have got spooked because it was seconds after I noticed that I went after him and he so far away already, I was so scared cause he could have been run over but thank goodness we got him and he’s safe but mum won’t let him off on beach again only with long lead. I was so exhausted, thankfully the car wasn’t too farĀ away because it was hot as well but I was just glad to get him back because mum and sister didn’t notice that he’d gone, it must have been adrenaline but I’m thankful for those people that helped me locate him as well. That certainly didn’t do my ankle any good lol! The things we do for dogs!

Now i am resting until dinner, mum wanted to walk again but I told her we don’t need to and I think she’s listened!

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