New route/Recall issues

Well hello I am late again blogging of course never enough time in the day lol!

This morning we took our pet dogs out for a walk and it was still a bit cold but I had nothing on and of course it had to rain a bit but it was refreshing which was nice.

We then as requested by Karen that mum teaches me the route to Lidl and the vet which is just opposite as its not a very long route and it’s just off a route I already know and it saves Karen coming out for just that little bit, Peter did really well on the way there thanks to gentle leader he behaves better. Mum had Texan as to register they needed to see them and I wanted to get them both weighed even though Glenda and Donna had said they both looked really heslthy and well looked after which is good, I would expect them to say nothing less lol! I would be mortified if they thought I wasn’t looking after my boys! We went into the vets first who were lovely and very fond of the boys as always, got them registered and popped them on the scales Texan was 33.1kg and Peter 34.5kg so they within their target weights yay! They then got a fuss from the reception team and 2 biscuits each lucky boys thought they had died and gone to heaven lol!

We then said goodbye and went to the bakery to pick up a loaf of bread before going to Lidl. I waited outside Lidl as I wasn’t sure Texan would be allowed in and I spoke to a lovely man in a wheelchair who’s daughter had just lost her bulldog whom when she was 18 saved up £1200 to pay for the puppy and she’s looked for another one and this one is £2500 I thought really if that’s cheap for a bulldog puppy I’m very naive, I was expecting him to say £700 or so, anyway bless him he wished he had a bulldog if he could look after it and I was going to say have you heard of assistance dog charities but I didn’t know if it was my place so I didn’t do it but felt I maybe should have, I didn’t know what to say when he said that, I felt bad kind of standing there with 2! He then left to do his shopping, mum came out and another man came to stroke them and he said he used to have black labs and how he loved Texan and that now he has cockerpoo and its mad as a hatter so we said he’s in the same league as Peter then lol!

We then walked back, had some lunch, did some household chores and then I sat in the garden for a bit until it got too hot and then I went inside and watched what would be your miracle which was a really good but emotional program especially little Charlotte finally being able to stand and walk. Amazing little girl.

We then went for an evening walk with all the dogs down to the beach as it was lovely weather and All was going well with my obedience training with Peter to begin with but then he decided after the 2nd time he’d had enough and decided to be a complete sod and not Listen to me, I tried everything from biscuits, loud voice, stern voice, High pitched voice, feeding the other boys, running away in the opposite direction and he came but ran straight passed me, into the sea and didn’t come out because he knew I couldn’t get him in there! I would have left him but unfortunately the front part of the beach is dog free so I kind of couldn’t, then someone was throwing things in the water so he decided to play with them which he person found extremely funny but I didn’t, people must have thought I was a weirdo! In the end I gave up and mum and dad tried and after about 10 mins as he ran passed mum she Grabbed him after being stern with him, bad books second day in a row for him, yesterday doing a Marley and eating out of pips dog food bag caught in the act and then this today! I was not happy! He’s fast asleep now with not a care in the world, I need to try and get this anchovy paste which Karen suggested, he’s just not food orientated which in recalls case is not good because I’ve tried primula, sausages alsorts to no avail, will have to find another solution I think. He’s too clever for his own good unfortunately! Sod

tomorrow we are at the donkey sanctuary for 3 Hours helping out and then will see what the rest of the day has in store


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