Recall training/donkey sanctuary

Yesterday morning Peter and I did our first volunteering stint at the donkey sanctuary at the welcome hut, we were met by a lovely lady called Jill who showed me the ropes of what I needed to do but it all seemed pretty simple and she said you can’t do anything wrong so that relaxed me a little. I along with Peter would welcome people to the donkey sanctuary and provide them with a map and a booklet if they wanted it and some people would be happy with that and others would ask questions about the donkeys they adopted and where they would be and some just wanted general information about the donkey sanctuary and others wanted to know about walks, where they could see the most donkeys and how to get down to the sea and the most unusual but quite funny was do you have a plaster at the end of the day, the little boy showed me his finger and of course I couldn’t see anything but his dad was saying he was exaggerating but that it was his fault for biting his skin and a plaster would stop it hopefully so I called via a radio for a plaster and Up comes the caretaker in his massive truck just for a plaster for the little boy, he dumped me with the first aid kit lol and I had no idea where they were but I found the plaster and we had a very happy little boy after that. Lots of dogs came, a beautiful 5 month old unusual looking German shepherd which made me think of some mad shepherd friends of mine and I held a dog for a lady who had come on her own and needed the loo and gave a wheelchair to someone who needed to borrow it for their mother. All in 3 hours work. Peter was a star and loved all the attention and if he was hot or tired he went into the shed to snooze but he did make a lot of friends which boosted his ego even further lol! We then went home, had some lunch and had a rest as I was tired from all the standing, talking and listening.

I then in the evening took Peter to a field and did some recall training and was armed with various treats and toys and he came back every time so today I did it at the beach and again he was perfect but Maybe he’s lulling us into a false sense of security or whatever you call it lol but mum said he’s got to grow up sometime, I said fat chance maybe when he’s 8 and I’m just about to retire him he will be perfect lol! I love his quirky ways and his character, I know I’ve moaned because we’ve had a bad week or so and he is a teenager so it’s to be expected so I’m hoping we will click and become as one with each other soon.

Workplace assessment tomorrow with Access to work so will see how that goes and keep you posted…


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