Workplace assessment/Dog Training

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageYesterday I had my ATW assessment at work to discuss the equipment I need to enable me to do my job. It was the first time I met the lady from HR, I had already met the health and safety officer and then the ATW Adviser who I hadn’t met before either. We signed in and then we headed to my office and I was in front with Ross and was nervous because I didn’t know the way but I needn’t have worried because Peter was on top form and led the way confidently right to my office and he’d only been there once but not guiding as I had Karen with me last time so I was amazed and so Proud of him, we got in and sat down and I roll peter to lay down thinking I was going to get an attitude look from him but I didn’t he lay down immediately and was ever so good so I was pleased. The H&S officer had to leave halfway through as he was summoned but it was fine, we discussed the work I would be doing and she asked me what equipment I think I will need and then she suggested other things which also would be useful which I had never thought of but when she said it I realised they would make a huge difference, it was very quick because I knew what helped me and she didn’t have to faff getting her laptop out or anything and the things she suggested for meetings and things were quite simple things and I use one of the products she suggested at home and it makes a difference so for note taking etc it will be fabulous šŸ™‚ we then walked back to reception said our goodbyes and I went outside and sat on the bench and called Dad but they were only just in Honiton so they said I would have to wait at least half an hour and suggested I get a drink but I couldn’t so we sat on the bench a bit longer before walking down the long path to give Peter a leg stretch, see if we could see any lambs and just stroll, we took our time, I took lots of pictures, Looked at the lake and then walked through the monkey puzzles and sat at the end on some grass waiting for them to come. They finally came and we drove home.

today I didn’t do much had a lazy day but the dogs got bored towards lunchtime as we were confined to my bedroom whilst mum and Dad laid the laminate in the hall so I took them out in the garden and did some obedience training, touch training and teaching them to leave things that are on the floor such as toys and food and also teaching them Hand signals for sit and down. All of them did well at different things and not so well on others lol but we had fun and it tired them out until we were finally able to take them out for a walk.

tomorrow is another day of not doing much, getting bored now though so I may go into town but will see what it brings. Apparently according to my mum and a lady on Facebook the picture of Peter in front of the monkey puzzle trunk looks like a giant elephants leg lol cause it’s wrinkly, it’s true šŸ™‚

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