Last few days

sorry I haven’t posted since Tuesday I think but been busy. Tuesday I didn’t do very much, Wednesday I didn’t do a lot either and Thursday I went to Teignmouth for the night to spend some time with some friends who were staying in Teignmouth till today. Had a lovely time and went to visit RHS Rosemoor gardens yesterday with them and then the lady’s guide dog was handed over to her new owners at the end of the day out and I went back home with her new owners who are very good friends of mine whom I like to call my Auntie & Uncle because they are so lovely and the dog will have a lovely life with them and the lady gets her new dog on Monday. So many beautiful, colourful flowers out in the gardens.

This morning I volunteered at WESC charity shop in Sidmouth 10:30-1pm and I had a wonderful time learning the till, meeting people and Peter loved it too and made lots of friends :).

Some photos:

one of Peter standing in WESC looking at shop manager standing on a grey carpet with the bottom half of customers in the background.

one shows Peter in front of a lake with lily pads on it and gunnera behind in harness and another shows Peter in front of pink rhododendron

the others are all close ups of yellow, red, pink, lilac and white flowers

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