Sidmouth meet up/Mock Exam/ATW

Yesterday finally came round when I was properly able to meet Ione and Jenny both lovely Guide dog owners and their mums who live in Devon. I walked down via our road route and was due to meet Jenny at the swimming pool at 1pm I turned up at 12:50 so I waited and then I decided to go into the swimming pool and ask for a leaflet with the prices for swimming and then I came back out texted Jenny and sat waiting for a response. She text saying she was still on the bus and they would walk along the esplanade so I said I will head to Mocha and should see you as you have to pass it to get to the swimming pool. Shortly after I got there I received the text from Ione to say they were leaving and they would be nearly there. Anyway Jenny and her mum arrived and we had a good chat and it got to 1:30 and I thought I hope they haven’t got lost, so we decided to go in and order and I text to say we would meet them inside. They arrived about 13:45 all hot and bothered bless them. We ordered our food, I had a lovely omelette again which was delicious! We chatted for ages and in the midst of talking Jenny is going “Patty down, Patty down” every so often and Patty wasn’t taking any notice lol I had to laugh even though it wasn’t funny but I have the problem with Peter sometimes too and so I know it’s frustrating but I can’t help but laugh, I love their character somehow not sure why! Peter was exemplary In the cafe even I was impressed! Once we had all finished some of us went to the ladies before heading to the byes for a much deserved free run and again Peter was so good until he saw the byes and he couldn’t help but get a little excited and all I could hear behind me was “Patty, Steady” in the end we let them go ahead even though it didn’t help very much. We let them off and Peter went to have a roll, Courtney went straight in the river and Patty did her own thing. Peter then joined Courtney in the water and Patty became braver seeing the others have fun and did paddle in the end. We then went back I said goodbye to all and went back through the byes but working him this time and he was really good, he did this all without his gentle leader on so I was very impressed, I think he was showing off lol! I was shattered when I got home though, it was warm and the stupid hill to get to our house, I nearly didn’t make it! I was so thirsty when I got home and had to rest for several hours but I had to move again in the end otherwise I knew I would get stiff so we went with the pet dogs for a gentle walk in the evening. Peter was shattered too bless him. I slept well last night but it was a lovely day and hope to do it again soon :).

This morning I went to My new workplace to hand in my ATW report and we decided to delay my start date most likely till after I get back from doing my exams back in MK beginning of June so I am hoping at least the most important equipment will be sorted and in place by the time I get back, it will mean I can fully focus on work then not worrying about revising for exams etc. We then went to the garden centre and then home, had lunch and then I sat down to do my last mock exam to finish my course so that’s now handed in so just need to await the result. I then booked assistance for my journey to and from Milton Keynes and they were really helpful so fingers crossed it will go smoothly but bless Jenny she has said that she would go on a short journey with me next week to bring my confidence up as I’m feeling pretty nervous about doing the journey all alone but I am sure Peter will show is magic and do me proud. And then we had a walk on the beach this evening because it was lovely still.


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