Waking up to… & our walk to Lidl’s

This morning I woke up to something I really wasn’t expecting or wanting either but it was Peter being sick! Now normally bless him the last few times anyway he was waited till I woke up and came and told me he needs to be sick and I can Normally tell but I was fast asleep today and Maybe didn’t recognise the signs poor boy but he threw up a Kong duck small which he must have found somewhere anyway it came out whole along with grass, sticks and other things so I had to put him outside and wipe up the mess which was unfortunately on my carpet which isn’t the best for cleaning up dog sick but we haven’t got round to laminating it yet so it had to be done! He was a bit quiet during the morning but he perked up a bit later so I thought I would give him some fresh air on a short route, mum said she needed to go Lidl’s and I decided to walk now we got there in lightening speed because Peter somehow decided he fancied this route today and normally when we go that way we normally cross over but today somehow Peter knew and went straight past the crossing without hesitation as if to say I know where I’m going and he led the way beautifully but was definitely a Farrari. I have a video of a but of the journey but unfortunately I can’t retrieve it off my phone due to my phone throwing a hissy fit today and doesn’t look like it’s going to behave any time soon unfortunately which is not what I need right now. Anyway we were brattering along and as we get to the steps he slows down so as to indicate them which was really good and we got up the steps and across the crossing and towards the door as mum shouts we are over here lol wherever over here is! Anyway she gave me money and a bag to go and get some bread from the bakery and Peter again did well, the bakery staff were helpful and Peter ignored people making noises at him which I know for him is hard but he focused on the job in hand so well done Peter :). Maybe we are turning a corner I hope so anyway.

The rest of the day was relaxing, looking at phone upgrades, kayaks etc before taking the dogs for a walk up on mutters Moore this evening.

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