Newton Abbott

Yesterday morning I had to bake a sand cake before taking the dogs for a walk because we were going to Newton Abbott later because dad had an apt for work in the afternoon.

We first decided to go to Trago Mills which sells literally everything you could ever want apart from a kayak lol which is what we are looking for as now living by the seaside a kayak is a must. We got there and walked into the shop and I stopped for some reason I think waiting for mum and dad to decide what they wanted to do, suddenly I had this man come up to me, didn’t notice him at first until he said “excuse me is this a working dog” so I said “yes he is a guide dog, my guide dog” and he went to have a look at this collar and so I said “would you like to see my I.D.” And he said “yes please” so I fiddled around in my bag knowing I had it on me thank goodness otherwise I’m not sure what would have happened anyway I found it, took the book out of the wallet and showed it to him, he then said “thank you very much, I have to ask because I have had people who fake it, thank you very much for carrying your I.D. With you always” so I just said “your very welcome” and he let me go on my way. After this my sister and dad say “is this a first, have you ever been asked this before” so I said “no, never been asked to prove that we are a working partnership” I was a bit shaken but he wasn’t nasty I had just never experienced it before so got a bit flustered but I can understand it if they get people who try it on but this is what makes life so difficult for official working partnerships and it is a shame but to all assistance dog owners, guide dog owners and hearing dog owners please always carry your I.D. and you will be ok, if you don’t then who knows what might happen. Thank you guide dogs and A.D.U.K for my I.D. Booklet šŸ™‚ you saved me from humiliation and being sent out the store!

We then went on to Newton Abbott after we got what we needed, walked around and I went to sit on a bench as my sister was looking for sunglasses but as we were walking towards the Bench I heard someone making a noise as to entice Peter because he got really excited so I told Peter no and told him to behave followed swiftly by a good boy when he had done what I told him, told him to find the bench which he did perfectly, there was a man sat there so I got Peter to sit and I made him wait, the man started saying “I want to stroke him but know I can’t because he’s a guide dog” I said “no your not normally meant to distract them because it can interfere with their work but now that I am safe and sat down you can say hello” mum was here at this point as well so he said “can I stroke him then” at this point Peter was nudging the man and going under his elbow to get him to stroke him so I said “he’s not gonna allow you not to stroke him so I think you have no option” so he was very happy and proceeded to tell us how his wife doesn’t have dogs but he used to have them and he loves them but now he isn’t allowed, in the mean time Peter was slowly creeping onto the bench and I didn’t notice at first until he was kind of lying on the bench next to the man, the man was obviously very sad and needed cheering up because he only does it when a person is upset or he feels they need cheering up, I told Peter to get off quietly but he didn’t listen instead he got into an upsit and just sat looking at me as if to say I am just cheering up this man mum and he gave me a big smile so I had to laugh! My sister finally finished and we were able to go. We then were really hungry soĀ had burger and chips in Burger King, it was very quiet in there but the staff were lovely, they brought us our burgers and when mum asked them for some water the lad came proudly with it in a little tray for Peter which Peter needed bless him so that was kind of them. We then went back to the car and it was perfect timing as dad had just returned to the car as well, we then went into Exeter back to Tkmaxx lol for a new handbag for me and my sister needed some bits and bobs and mum wanted to see if they had a kayak because they had where my sister lives in the Cotswolds but nothing but we got what we wanted which was good I got a new handbag and my sister finally got sunglasses! We then went home and had a rest before taking the pet dogs out for their 2nd walk of the day.

I also ordered my new phone yesterday which is coming today. I’ve converted back to Apple so hope I get on ok with it. I have 14 days to exchange with another phone if I don’t like it or don’t get on with it but I love my iPad and MacBook so don’t see why I shouldn’t get on with it. Will take time getting used to the screen size but I think it’s not much smaller than the note 3 but will see.




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