Swimming, Swimming & More Swimming

This bank holiday weekend has been all about swimming lol! Friday my sister and I went into the sea by the esplanade in Sidmouth in our wet suits so it wasn’t too bad but it was still cold! Saturday we visited Dartmoor National Park and walked the 2 bridges walk by the river and went for a wild swim, swimsuit only this time and boy that was freezing! Peter & Joey at first started barking on top of the rock as my sister began to swim and they then jumped in and went to try and rescue her and I stayed close to shore but it was slippery so I had to be careful, had several swims in there and it was actually quite refreshing because my legs were pretty painful by this point and I wasn’t sure whether to go in but I am glad I did because it definitely felt better on the way back because I am guessing they were numbed lol! Then Sunday we were due to go Kayaking but the wind even though the weather was lovely the wind was up so for us it probably wasn’t too safe so we went swimming instead by Jacobs ladder beach, first time ever we’ve seen Sidmouth and the beaches so full! It is only gonna get worse! Mum came in for a little swim too yesterday which was good. It is such an effort to take a wetsuit on and off though, I am exhausted just putting it on and then when its wet and you have to take it off I dread it and sometimes think why do I bother! And today it was my sister’s last day before heading back to birmingham and she wanted another swim so she and I walked with the dogs through the byes as they hadn’t been for a walk yet and then dad picked up Texan and Pip and we took Peter and Joey to Jacobs ladder again and today instead of what people do normally swimming with dolphins we did swimming with dogs lol! It was so cool, Peter loved every minute of it and just swam and swam with us, he took me to shore at one point but it was pure bliss for him whilst Joey bless him on the other hand stood at the waters edge just going in with his feet, he wanted to but he wanted his mum to come and get him so he  did and he went out with her and then swam with peter and her for a while before we decided to get back out again. The pebbles are so painful I can’t walk on them and I keep falling over which is quite embarrassing because I can’t balance on the stones but they are so warm when you lie on them and your wetsuit doesn’t get sandy so they are the plus sides but you have to go quite deep in to get to sand so a pretty painful massage! I have hurt my back somehow too maybe pulled a muscle or something but it was all revitalising which was good. Now looking forward to tomorrow and then I will need a rest lol!

Tomorrow me and my friend Jenny are heading to Teignmouth for the day for some lunch and meeting up with friends of mine who I only found out got there today so that will be lovely to see them as I haven’t seen them in ages! Looking forward to it, it is a good trip to learn because lots of my friends go to teignmouth so it means I will be able to go more often without relying on mum and dad once I’ve learnt the buses etc. Hoping Peter will be a good boy.


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