New route/Recall issues

Well hello I am late again blogging of course never enough time in the day lol!

This morning we took our pet dogs out for a walk and it was still a bit cold but I had nothing on and of course it had to rain a bit but it was refreshing which was nice.

We then as requested by Karen that mum teaches me the route to Lidl and the vet which is just opposite as its not a very long route and it’s just off a route I already know and it saves Karen coming out for just that little bit, Peter did really well on the way there thanks to gentle leader he behaves better. Mum had Texan as to register they needed to see them and I wanted to get them both weighed even though Glenda and Donna had said they both looked really heslthy and well looked after which is good, I would expect them to say nothing less lol! I would be mortified if they thought I wasn’t looking after my boys! We went into the vets first who were lovely and very fond of the boys as always, got them registered and popped them on the scales Texan was 33.1kg and Peter 34.5kg so they within their target weights yay! They then got a fuss from the reception team and 2 biscuits each lucky boys thought they had died and gone to heaven lol!

We then said goodbye and went to the bakery to pick up a loaf of bread before going to Lidl. I waited outside Lidl as I wasn’t sure Texan would be allowed in and I spoke to a lovely man in a wheelchair who’s daughter had just lost her bulldog whom when she was 18 saved up £1200 to pay for the puppy and she’s looked for another one and this one is £2500 I thought really if that’s cheap for a bulldog puppy I’m very naive, I was expecting him to say £700 or so, anyway bless him he wished he had a bulldog if he could look after it and I was going to say have you heard of assistance dog charities but I didn’t know if it was my place so I didn’t do it but felt I maybe should have, I didn’t know what to say when he said that, I felt bad kind of standing there with 2! He then left to do his shopping, mum came out and another man came to stroke them and he said he used to have black labs and how he loved Texan and that now he has cockerpoo and its mad as a hatter so we said he’s in the same league as Peter then lol!

We then walked back, had some lunch, did some household chores and then I sat in the garden for a bit until it got too hot and then I went inside and watched what would be your miracle which was a really good but emotional program especially little Charlotte finally being able to stand and walk. Amazing little girl.

We then went for an evening walk with all the dogs down to the beach as it was lovely weather and All was going well with my obedience training with Peter to begin with but then he decided after the 2nd time he’d had enough and decided to be a complete sod and not Listen to me, I tried everything from biscuits, loud voice, stern voice, High pitched voice, feeding the other boys, running away in the opposite direction and he came but ran straight passed me, into the sea and didn’t come out because he knew I couldn’t get him in there! I would have left him but unfortunately the front part of the beach is dog free so I kind of couldn’t, then someone was throwing things in the water so he decided to play with them which he person found extremely funny but I didn’t, people must have thought I was a weirdo! In the end I gave up and mum and dad tried and after about 10 mins as he ran passed mum she Grabbed him after being stern with him, bad books second day in a row for him, yesterday doing a Marley and eating out of pips dog food bag caught in the act and then this today! I was not happy! He’s fast asleep now with not a care in the world, I need to try and get this anchovy paste which Karen suggested, he’s just not food orientated which in recalls case is not good because I’ve tried primula, sausages alsorts to no avail, will have to find another solution I think. He’s too clever for his own good unfortunately! Sod

tomorrow we are at the donkey sanctuary for 3 Hours helping out and then will see what the rest of the day has in store


Last 2 days

sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but it was raining so I didn’t do much again, our dig care and welfare lady Glendale & Support Worker Donna were at a meeting with the vets I am planning on using for Peter & Texan so afterwards they rang and asked if they could pop in so I said yes and they came and I don’t think they were fond of Peter either even though he dies act completely stupidly sometimes but fortunately they know to ignore him and he calmed down in the end bless him but they loved Texan as everybody does 🙂 Poor Peter 😦 I love you Peter!

We then as a family went to Exeter to look for some work clothes for when I start work, went into White stuff my favourite clothing shop but yes I yes expensive and unfortunately we came on the wrong day because 20% off was only from today (12th) so I decided against buying anything abd decided to check online but of course the trousers I wanted weren’t in stock.

I woke up with a sore ankle for some reason I have no idea.

I rang the store this morning and the lady couldn’t find them, I was so disappointed but we decided to go back to Exeter today but this time we must have parked where all the GDMIs/Guide dog trainers park because there were about 3 or 4 cars and a van from guide dogs! my sister wanted a bag anyway and somwe went back to white stuff and they still had them but a different blue to the one I’d thought which is where the confusion was and I bought 3 tops as well so all is good and thanks to white stuff coming up trumps again :). Peter was excellent in Exeter, he thrives on the hustle and bustle of the city and worked amazingly well, my family were with us so we weren’t alone.

We then came home and took the dogs for a walk which they loved but we had a bit of a drama with our old boy Pip, mum and my sister were in the sea with their feet and Peter, Texan and Joey were down with them but Pip stayed with me as he doesn’t really like water and we were sitting there fine until mum called me to see if I wanted to go in With my feet so I got up ready to go down when suddenly pip was running towards the esplanade I called him but he didn’t listen and just ran out of sight so how I did it I have no idea but I got up and literally ran, obviously the others naturally wanted to follow but Joey and Peter went back and stayed whilst faithful Texan came with me as I ran to try and find Pip, fortunately people were very helpful and told me which way he had gone so I just kept running and a lady said he was going in and out between cars and was by a no entry sign, I couldn’t see it so I get running until I saw pip coming towards me again and fortunately he came to me and I put him on a lead, stroked him and walked back. He must have got spooked because it was seconds after I noticed that I went after him and he so far away already, I was so scared cause he could have been run over but thank goodness we got him and he’s safe but mum won’t let him off on beach again only with long lead. I was so exhausted, thankfully the car wasn’t too far away because it was hot as well but I was just glad to get him back because mum and sister didn’t notice that he’d gone, it must have been adrenaline but I’m thankful for those people that helped me locate him as well. That certainly didn’t do my ankle any good lol! The things we do for dogs!

Now i am resting until dinner, mum wanted to walk again but I told her we don’t need to and I think she’s listened!

Quiet day

It’s been a quiet day today and I really haven’t done much because it’s been raining which has been nice because I needed a break. Mum and dad went to pick up my sister and I stayed at home because I was awaiting a phone call from Access to Work at 12:30. They rung me on my mobile first but couldn’t hear me so she then rang me on my landline, I think my phone is useless lol! Anyway we went through about how my disabilities affect me and my new job role and how I will get to work etc and she then said I need a workplace assessment which will be arranged Within next 10 working days, she said I need to get 3 quotes from taxi companies and a bus fare single journey and send it to her so I did that and she then rang me again later asking for a workplace contact and now I just wait to hear. Pretty straight forward so far thank goodness but I am a bit worried about the workplace assessment as they always think they know best and they really don’t so I must put my foot down if they go for cheaper versions etc because I didn’t have guts last time and nothing worked out and everything was sent back and I then got what I needed so this time clamping down time lol!

I then was going to work Peter to waitrose but I really didn’t feel like it today traipsing up hills etc In the rain so I chickened out and got mum to go on the way back from Exeter and I played hide and seek with the dogs instead which they loved.

We took them for a walk in the evening when the rain had stopped and it was really misty and eery kind of beautiful though.

Tomorrow I am meeting a lady at the donkey sanctuary who I know is looking forward to meeting me and Peter even though I have no idea why lol but I am looking forward to going there too to see what I can do to help them even though there really won’t be enough days of the week to do everything for everyone so will have to see…

Reflection on the last few weeks

I thought today would be a good day to write a reflection on the last few weeks because I kind of had to give myself a bit of a break today because so much has happened over the last few weeks I think I was on overdrive and haven’t really had time to just sit or lie down and rest and today after our walk I crashed because it had been so warm and we went up and down hills and steps to get to this beach slightly easier than the first way we found down but still quite challenging and we had no water and I was so thirsty by the time we got back to the car and felt a headache coming on so I came home and drank water and then just crashed out on my bed for a while and listened to some music when I felt a bit better because I couldn’t do anything else but I needed that rest because I felt much better for it.

Anyway this time a month ago I was still in Swaziland and That’s hard to believe really! I miss that place and the people who I met and made lifelong friends with. I then came home and it was my sister’s 30th birthday, Wednesday she went back home, Thursday I met Karen (GDMI) for the first time and we learnt the route to waitrose that was the first day the non stop walking began lol because I needed to get Peter working again and into a kind of routine but we still aren’t there but we are getting there slowly and it will be easier once I start work.

I then did the route myself first time with a bit of hesitation but second and third time and so on we did well but Peter was getting bored of that one so next time she came we did the route into town on the tues and wed before we were signed off which is better because there’s more to do for me and more work for Peter to do because he likes it busy and of course the sea is down there which can be a nightmare but we try to avoid it if we can because he doesn’t concentrate lol!

I then had an interview on Wed afternoon 20th and was offered it on Thursday and they had even tried to get hold of me an hour after my interview but I didn’t recognise the number but anyway it was offered on Thursday and I couldn’t believe it, I felt numb the whole day, I cried at the news because I couldn’t believe someone had seen past my disabilities and seen me as me! The same day I got a phone call from the donkey sanctuary to say they would love me as a volunteer and I had been accepted to volunteer in the WESC foundation shop as well so suddenly I couldn’t give these charities the time they all needed! More on that in the next few days.

I then had several meetings with my new work place one to discuss my needs and the other with my GDMI to see if there was anything needed for Peter and anything else I might need and she helped me learn the route and will be coming back again I hope as I’ve forgotten lol! If she wants to that is hehe!

And the rest has been lots of exploring of the local area, lots of lovely walks but a lot with rocky and hilly terrains. I met a lovely couple who were here for donkey week and staying in the wonderful Bedford hotel a hotel I recommend for dog owners especially :). Met unexpectedly with a local GDO and another lady who used to puppy walk and lots of other lovely people. We have done 2 fundraising collections already for guide dogs not sure how much we raised at Aldi in Honiton but it was £469 in Sidmouth so that’s brilliant!

I also heard my sponsor puppy Toby had been born, received his birth certificate and a picture and know he’s now with his puppy walker. More on him over the next few months.

Life so far in Sidmouth has worked out perfectly which just shows I didn’t need to worry, God has it all under control and I need to trust him more!

I still miss my MK friends, it’s not the same without you but I look forward to coming back in June to see at least some of you during the week I take my exams which I’m dreading already! I’m hoping in time I will make new friends but everyone is so lovely so I can’t see why not 🙂

That’s it I think for now but I’m exhausted just writing it lol! Night night








Fundraising and unexpected meeting

Well this morning we walked into town but after our route into town the other day didn’t go so well mum suggested to try the route through the byes which I was a bit dubious about trying but I knew I had mum and dad behind me so if anything went wrong I wasn’t on my own and it was a safer route into town and one which Peter couldn’t complain about because he was where he wanted to be just not in river like he wanted to be but I have to say with his gentle leader on he was mostly perfect but just as mum said he’s being a good boy he wanted to veer off to the river but he listened and kept going but I did feel a bit sorry for him because that must have taken all of his self control and concentration for him to be so good when there were loads of distractions. He took me to the toilets as I needed it by then lol! I had a thought and had to laugh to myself about it! Imagine I come to fundraising and they ask what happened to you? And I go I ended up in the river lol! It didn’t happen I am pleased to say he was exemplary today and even during fundraising he was amazingly well behaved after messing up a bed he had been given to lie on and only lay on it when it was to his liking lol! Spoke to and met some lovely people and spoke to a gentleman who lives in Whipsnade and has a corgi X Jack Russell and he used to live in far Bletchley at the back of the Saints Estate! I couldn’t believe it what a small world it is, they were on holiday in Sidmouth. Met another lovely GDO and her husband who are from elsewhere in Devon but came to help out and they loved Peter as their daughter apparently has a rejected FCR X Golden guide dog. I then afterwards decided to try the route back through the byes on my own as mum and dad had gone home already and because Peter had done me proud today I allowed him a little free run on the way back home which he was very grateful about and spent most of it in the river because he was hot! Half way along Peter was back on the lead at this point I bumped into a local GDO and her carer and her lovely guide dog Dexter as they were just entering the byes and they said “oh is it Lena, Karen has told us all about you” so We chatted for a bit and then another lady who said she knew Tommy and I didn’t get it at first but then I realised that it was the lady I had friended on Facebook a couple of days ago and who had puppy walked Tommy’s previous guide dog, it was a lovely meeting and we had a good chat before all heading our separate ways hoping to meet again at some point soon over a glass of vino as they say hehe! We then walked the rest of the way home and Peter was fab.

We then went out again shortly after we got back to meet up with the lovely couple from church, of course Peter loved their pet dog and they played for ages together and of course Peter as always has to find a ball somehow somewhere, little Bugger! He was then overtired I think so was beginning to misbehave so I put him on a lead and got him to lie down next to me and calm down. 3 hours later we came home and I am now exhausted and ready for bed! S

Sidmouth today & meeting up with Friends

Today I decided I was going to do the route into Sidmouth again with Mr Sod but I wasn’t having any nonsense today and so I put his gentle leader on so I knew he would behave!

I had to get the ball rolling for Access to Work today as well so I rung them and I’m getting a call on Monday to discuss my claim for support.

Peter didn’t like his gentle leader and he never has either but today decided he was gonna crawl at a snails pace into town but I just ignored his moodiness as I was quite happy going slowly because it was already hot. He did well and as we were halfway to town my friends text me back and they were in the byes but I decided to go into town and await their response as to where they were. I met them in the byes as Peter was quite hot so  I let him cool off in the river and get a drink and we met up and Peter and Elliott loved playing with each other, Zante was a bit more sophisticated for a Flattie but he is 9 and only started to calm down a year ago! This gives me hope lol! I’ve got to deal with this monkey behaviour for another 5 years! Anyway apparently it’s the norm with the Flatties and there is a certain energy and thrill about working them even though I could throttle sometimes lol! They are one of a kind, nothing like no other and I think every guide dog after Peter will be boring lol he’s such a character!

We walked into town and Peter was very well behaved and was certainly strutting his stuff thank goodness, we decided to go to Mocha on the beach a lovely cafe and the staff were so friendly and helpful it was lovely so she got a big tip from us at the end and I told her I will be back :). As we came out people wanted to stroke the boys so we let them and a young girl in a wheelchair came over with her what I’m guessing are her parents and she was quite taken by the boys and they were telling us all about WESC and Buddy dog Billy, Peter was so gentle with her like he was with the little boy that time, he’s got such a big heart 🙂 all 3 of the boys were very good with her because she was quite rough sometimes but they loved the attention. It was about 3:30pm when we finally finished nattering, eating and drinking and we decided to head off, I went back with them to their hotel and then went on my normal route home where I met the family again but we didn’t stop this time but we did say hello after we realised who it was! It was odd doing it backwards as it was the first time Peter and I had done the route completely on our own both ways, he was tired by this point bless him so I took the gentle leader off and he behaved even though again we missed the crossing point and I got annoyed at myself for missing it but I was beyond it at this point but I knew I had gone wrong but couldn’t figure out where so I stopped and figured out where I was meant to be, we back tracked to the crossing and then we were ok but it was then trying to find the next place we needed to cross because it’s all weird backwards but we did it. I was so shattered and I think Peter was too by the time we got back, my legs were hurting, I have gained a lovely blister and was out for near enough 5 hours so I was dying for some water and something to eat and a sit down because I knew we had to take the other boys out still for a walk so I sat down for a bit and watched what would be your miracle and then we went out again with the other dogs so I think I will sleep well tonight! Another busy day tomorrow with fundraising which I am going to use his gentle leader again so he doesn’t show me up, maybe meet up with my friends for a quick coffee before heading out to meet a couple whom we met at church so should be another good but exhausting day.


Route to town today!

After we had our 3 pet dogs to the byes for a walk this morning mum and I decided we would walk down into Sidmouth with Peter. It was a beautiful day. Peter however decided today he was going to be uncooperative, stubborn and just a complete sod on the way into town. Unfortunately parallel to our walk into town is the park and the river and even though we have never used those side streets to get to the park he still knows it’s there but he has been so good and resisted the last few times I’ve walked down into town with him and I have to say the two times I’ve done it he was paw perfect but today he was having none of it! He went at a snails pace, would try when we were crossing to go across rather than straight and was a complete pain! Got his gentle leader out in the end and he sort of behaved better knowing I had it in my hand ready to put on if he did it again. Obviously he got really excited when we got near the esplanade again but he’s not allowed on that beach till end of sept now so we sat on the top for a while and then we went down the far end and sat on the rocks eating bread us humans that is lol!

We then wanted dad to pick us up but couldn’t get any signal, 1 text went and I got one back but then I couldn’t get any signal so mum went walking up and down the esplanade with the phone to no avail so she told me to come up so I came up with Peter and we walked along all the time trying to get hold of dad, I was saying stupid Sidmouth no signal in this place and mum agreed and said if there’s no signal we will get no young people! Finally when we got to the hotel part of town we managed to get signal but the message wouldn’t send so I had to ring dad twice because he couldn’t hear us first time and then we finally managed to tell him where we were so he could come with the car to get us.

Tomorrow is a new day so let’s hope Peter cooperates tomorrow but I do think the gentle leader will unfortunately have to come out a bit more often again, I just don’t like them because they are so fiddly and with Peter being a drama queen everything is 10x worse lol! The harness is working better though which is good as he cant be as much of a drama queen with this one thank goodness even though in his nature he’s always gonna be a monkey and even though it’s hard work and challenging sometimes I’ve fallen in love with him and his character and we kind of have to accept him the way he is and because I know he can and does work well we can move forward together. It’s all still really new for both of learning all these different routes and not kind of having a routine like we had in MK so hopefully once we start work things will be easier and he will know what he’s doing and when which will help a lot as at the moment I am going out just to work him because he needs it and maybe he misses our coffee shop expeditions who knows with my boy but right now this evening he’s still wants to play and has just bought me a sopping wet water wubba and placed it on my lap and sat next to me slumped like he does when he knows I’m gonna ignore him lol! These Flatties truly are too clever for their own good!