My new workplace

Today was the day my GDMI and I were going to go to my new workplace and help them to see if any other changes need to be made to the building for me. We had a look at different options with the buses and figured the route there wasn’t quite gonna work because Of having to cross the busy road but there are different options which are being discussed and can be put in place so it’s no big deal we were joking afterwards me and Karen saying if only we could lift the road and place it on the other side that would be perfect šŸ™‚ but ain’t gonna happen, the route home is doable as Karen would say which is positive and it’s a lovely walk up to the college with sheep in the fields and the noises of all the different animals and the magnificent monkey puzzles it’s wonderful! We put Peter’s gentle leader on because that meant he would behave and he was very good because we did try him off it for a bit and he became naughty so we put it back on. We walked all round discussing different things and I got to see our new office which is lovely and it’s quite a maze but we will get used to it, it’s just all new at the moment, I also handed in my paperwork so that needs to be done and apparently both my references have come through so that’s all good too so just awaiting the DBS now and then we can confirm a start date which will be good. We then went home and Karen said she won’t be coming for a while now but I must let her know when I have a start date. I was really sad to hear that she’s not coming until I need her again šŸ˜¦ I may just have to think of an excuse to see her! Lol, she’s busy bless as are they all but I hope she knows she’s brilliant just like my last GDMI šŸ™‚

Didnt really do much for the rest of the day until later when we walked along the esplanade and along Jacobs ladder beach which was lovely as again it was a perfect evening :). Depending on what happens tomorrow I may or may not blog…

Route to town& a lovely da.

I did the route into town this morning with Peter and again he was paw perfect even though he was slightly reluctant at first because mum and sister were behind us but he soon realised if he sped up then they wouldn’t be so close and he could then concentrate and he could show them how good and clever he was which he did brilliantly remembering all the crossing points and being careful when coming to the narrow stretch so I was very impressed with him again today. We went into the local co-op where apparently at the till the woman was trying to describe a dog she had seen rolling and it turned out to be a bull dog but afterwards mum said the face she tried to make to imitate a bull dog was hilarious, shame I didn’t see it! All because we had said Peter loves to roll and that’s how he keeps his coat shiny.

We then went into a bakery and bought a white bap and a tea cake and because it was such a beautiful morning we sat by the seafront and we couldn’t believe and still can’t believe we are walking distance from a beach! Still feels like we are on holiday. We then took a walk back through the beautiful byes and I let Peter have a quick dip because he was hot bless him which he was grateful for but didn’t want to come out lol! We then got home and had a bit of a rest before taking our other dogs and dad up to Salcombe Hill for their walk, no rest for the wicked!

I hand and knee are still bruised and my arms are sore but the walking helped loosen my leg muscles which was good.

A couple from MK are staying in Teignmouth later this month so I’ve booked myself in for a night so I can spend some time with them which I am looking forward to :).

My GDMI the lovely Karen is coming out tomorrow again so I can learn the route to work. Looking forward to meeting one of the ladies again and the maintenance man whose supposed to do the work we request I think and hand in DBS forms etc to get the ball rolling so I can start this exciting new job.

See you tomorrow…

Budleigh coast path & TKMaxx

Well this morning little did I know where we were going for a walk but I was told we were going along the river otter which was Ā supposedly fine but we started the walk in a field which was very rough so not very nice to walk on and all of a sudden I crashed to the floor really heavily it was a shock but fortunately my left hand and my right knee took the brunt of the fall and they are extremely painful especially my knee :(. This had to happen at the beginning when we had goodness knows how long left because knowing the family they walk for hours and they walk quickly which I can’t walk as fast, anyway I had to keep going, it turned out to be a blooming stone! The rest of the walk went pretty smoothly thank goodness but I was shattered by the end 2 1/2 hours later, got home and rested. I heard from a friend that she was in Sidmouth free running her guide dog and of course typically for us 2 I wasn’t there. We got home and had pancakes and later on we decided to go to Exeter for some work clothes so gave Peter some work to do and he was exemplary because he wanted to get out and do something but I am not sure clothes shopping is his thing lol! I got lots of things to try on but they all had weird fits apart from one which is a real shame as there were some lovely blouses but just didn’t fit my weird figure! Anyway bought the one blouse so it’s at least something and I still have time so it’s not the end of the world even though Peter thought it was watching us change and try on different clothes even the man in the changing rooms who had an annoying voice asked if the dog was trying something on as well lol! My knee was beginning to get rather sore so I was glad to get back to the car but found out then that my friend only lives 15mins down the road and would have come to meet us bless her I was so annoyed anyway hopefully we will at some point get to meet each other if I can help it we will lol!

We got home and then rested quite a while before I helped mum make dinner and we then watched the final episode of the Island. Now I’m going to bed. See ya tomorrow

Church & a lovely walk

We went to church this morning but we were a bit later than last time so the seats we sat in weren’t available so we were shown seats on the other side at the front which was better for me as I could see a bit more. So we walked and there’s a raised surface which I didn’t know about but Peter decided because it was quite narrow he would walk on this platform and me on the floor and then he came off and someone was clapping because we came in during a song and Peter thought ooh I you clapping at me so I had to correct him and he then took me to the seat we had been shown, he lay down. Literally stretched out as long and as wide just because he could and he was perfectly well behaved, no getting up during the middle of the service and nearing the end when the children came back in and they stroked him as they went past he just rolled on his back as if to say I want more of this lol! But then he must somehow understand when they say final song or this is the end of the service because then he gets up. We spoke to a lovely young couple who were there with their elderly parents who had just lost their golden retriever and so wanted another dog. We spoke to a lot of other people today too before final,y heading out after getting loads of fuss, we spoke briefly to the lady I met last week and she gave me her number and said if I ever need a walking dog partner she would be willing to help which I thought was lovely, we Also spoke to the lovely Danish couple who have invited us round for a cup of tea next week so next Saturday will be busy but I am looking forward to the Sidmouth Flag day for guide dogs and then meeting fellow Flattie GDOs and then going round the couple’s house.

We then went out came home and went for walk by the donkey sanctuary and the donkeys today were making such a racket lol! They definitely were in spring mode lol! We then walked down many steps again and up and down steep hills to get to another secluded beach which was lovely but the trek up was hard again, how I ever made Snowdon I have no idea! Don’t think I could do it now unfortunately :(. Even though Snowdon was a killer and I was in agony for days I’m glad I did it when I did.

Now I am going to rest and do some studying whilst my boys sleep soundly on my bedroom floor šŸ™‚