Our BBQ uneventful!?!

Yesterday evening we decided to go to Budleigh Salterton to have a BBQ as it was a lovely evening albeit a bit cold. What we thought would be an uneventful one turned out to be pretty eventful and lots of fun.

Dad was setting up the BBQ, my sisters and mum were walking for a bit and I sat on a bench taking photos and just taking in the fresh air. When everyone returned dad was putting on the BBQ the bratwurst and mum called me to come with her down to where the river is because she had seen a Snipe, I managed to get it after mum told me which direction to point the camera and I managed to scan with my zoomed in camera and find it and mum checked sad said I got it so I was pleased. We then went back up and we sat down and i was trying to take a picture of a seagull but couldn’t find him, dad came over and brought some bratwurst and as he did my sister shouted “the sausage, the seagull stole the sausage, he’s eaten the bratwurst” we could not believe it! Well he got lucky there that seagull and obviously then more came circling but dad managed to shoo then away but they came so close to the BBQ and one was face to face with dad but unfortunately couldn’t get the photo fast enough but everyone was watching like Hawks after that. Then halfway through my sister called over a dog who was happily wandering whilst his owner was talking, a very friendly husky who was lovely and obviously wanted food but we didn’t give him anything poor dog, the owner then came worried we would feed him chicken bones so we told her we have dogs and we wouldn’t feed a dog that wasn’t ours anyway, she said he was hungry as all he had had that day was a chicken breast poor dog but she had his dinner in the car so he went with her then decided to return but he then trotted off. Dad then put the pigs cheeks on the BBQ and mum didn’t want them stolen by the gulls, mum tried one and she didn’t like it, I ate one and yes it was different lol! The seagulls then decided to steal a chicken bone and in the end they managed a pig cheek too, we just had to laugh and I was telling my sister about the problems we had at Woolacombe as well with the gulls because sister and dad decided to eat their pasties bad a seagull went on my sister’s head but I screamed as the seagulls were screeching and circling around her and they both decided to put them away until later! My plate then flew into my sister’s face and she was disgusted lol!

I was laughing so much I could hardly breathe and was in tears because things just kept happening. Not sure in Devon we will ever have a peaceful BBQ because the seagulls are watching! We needed our boys yesterday but had left them at home.

Motto of the story seagulls are opportunists! But if you want a laugh have a BBQ in Devon!

Woolacombe/Knightshayes Court

Yesterday we decided because my sister was off work we would go to Woolacombe which is apparently britains best beach, it certainly was beautiful and because it was out of season there was miles of space for the dogs to run and have a good time, as we arrived we saw a horse riding trek going out on what I’m guessing is a beach trek and I so wanted to join them! Peter was so excited as it was something new which he loves, the dogs could run and play for miles which was lovely, we went sort of towards the end of the beach and sat down near the top so the sea wouldn’t catch us as it came in and the dogs were entertaining themselves by digging holes, walking around or sleeping apart from Peter who was on the go for the majority of the time we were sitting down so much so he got so hot he needed the sea to cool down again lol! I told him several times to lie down and he did after digging himself a hole but he didn’t lie In it long so I got up and then we all got up and went towards the sea so Peter could have another dip as did the other boys. It was beautiful and the sun was out but not so hot because of the clouds which Made it perfect weather. The dogs and us were shattered when we got home, just the fresh air and the sea and everything combined made us very tired.

Today we went to Knighthayes court a national trust property, we didn’t take the pet dogs so we took them for a walk and I took Peter to this place and he was a very good boy inside the house and in the gardens, it was all very exciting for him Again being something new and different so I put his gentle leader on so he didn’t hurt my arm or shoulder too much. I worked him and He was exemplary telling me about steps etc because sometimes he can when he’s excited forget to tell me but he was very good today and of course got admired as always šŸ™‚ we tried on some hats from the kitchen, looked around the house before heading into the gardens which were beautiful with all the flowers and trees in full bloom, lots of beautiful roses, massive acers, a beautiful pond and lush green grass and lots of vegetables and herbs in the kitchen garden. We then went back home, watched the football and then took the dogs out for an evening walk as it had turned so beautiful after the mist had disappeared even though it came back as soon as it had gone! The dogs had a good play time and now we all are tired again which is good and means we will sleep tonight.

Not much to write

not got much to write as nothing much of importance right now apart from I finally have a start date for my new job! 5th July šŸ™‚ nervous and excited, just hope what I need will be in place by then but it will give me a bit of time before the summer to get to grips with what the job entails whilst there are no students in so I know what I’m doing come September. Doing my 2nd shift with WESC in Sidmouth on Saturday so will see if I remember what to do! Then I need to arrange another volunteer stint at donkey sanctuary before I start work.

Peter is being a good boy at the moment and was very good in Exeter on Saturday when we met up with friends, had a lovely time and hope to go again soon.

Other than that life is ticking along nicely.

My exams/Time in MK

Well hello all sorry I haven’t blogged in about a week but as you know I’ve been in Milton Keynes for part of it because I needed to take my exams at one of the schools. It was lovely actually to have an excuse to go back even though I would rather have not done the exams and just gone for the sake of it lol! I will be back because it just felt like we were going home šŸ™‚ I do miss my friends but I know true friends will always be there :). I got to stay with some lovely friends of mine again which was really nice, we had a lovely time together, went out for dinners, went to see some guide dog pups, did a uni de-stress day, went to an art class, went to the cinema and watched me before you which was brilliant but sad! And lots of walks for the dogs which they loved. My exams unfortunately didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped but I did my best and I hope the school/exam board will take into consideration their mistakes and not mark me down because I tried and it certainly wasn’t easy in the slightest but I keep thinking had it been someone who could only read Braille they wouldn’t have been able to do it! I was ready to walk out because I didn’t know what to do but I felt I had to try and even though I managed to finish them I don’t think I wrote enough because the reading took up all my time šŸ˜¦ I’m gutted because I worked so hard this past year but I just hope I get the grade I need, I only need a C and if I can pull that off I will be pleased, I will always think could it have been better but a C is enough so now I just have to wait for the result and in the meantime do what I need to, to sort out what happened on the schools part.

The train journey was fab both ways, had some lovely assistants and it couldn’t have gone smoother really so the world is now our oyster šŸ™‚

Yesterday we went to church and again they sung the beautiful song “10,000 reasons” which always makes me cry as they sung it in my church the Sunday after my Toby was PTS in 2014 and every year since then they have done exactly the same and it a,ways whenever it’s sung brings back memories but it is always worsen these Sunday’s but fortunately Peter this year rolled on his back at just the right moment as I looked down and that brought me out from fully crying thank goodness so thank you Peter.

Today we’ve been into town and Peter was paw perfect.

Srikl awaiting to hear from my work but hoping will hear soon

Yesterday’s trip to/from town

Yesterday morning about 11am I decided to get ready to head to town with Peter to get some things for mum and a few things I needed even though I still forgot 1 thing but it wasn’t on the list so can only blame myself!

We got what we needed from the bakery and then we headed to boots chemist to get a few bits and I bump into another of the GDOs who live in Sidmouth, we chatted for a bit and I said to her if she wanted we could have a coffee sometime and she said that would be nice and that we would find each other on FB. She then said she had to go and when she left I got on with what I needed to do even though I must have lost my trail of thought lol but then I hear all this commotion outside but didn’t realise what it was, I carried on to the checkout and asked for the things I needed and then left and as I left I could smell something not so nice and people saying things like “that’s disgusting, how dare they let their dogs do that” and “why don’t they take them somewhere else” and “why the need for so many dogs” I realised that one of the little dogs must have had an accident and the owners were trying to find a way to clear up the mess in the midst of 100s of people going past, it was heaving in town much to Peter’s annoyance lol as we had to wait for a while to let people pass because I really wanted to stay away from the mini dogs because they didn’t sound very friendly. Peter did love working through the crowds though moving everyone out of his way lol!

We got what we needed and then I headed back through the byes so Peter could have a run because he had been superb, think we may be turning a corner yippee! Halfway into our walk mum rings and asks where I am so I told her In the byes, she then says the plums are rotten so she can’t make plum pie and could I go and get some so we had to go all the way back to town! Peter fortunately wasn’t too wet at this point and it was sunshine so he dried quickly so we made our way back into town to get the plums but of course the greengrocer didn’t have any and I thought I had missed Tesco so went back and forth 3 times before giving up and going to the co-op and getting some before realising Tesco was further up the street! Sidmouth is soo confusing especially when it’s busy I lost my marbles! It was so hot as well so I was getting annoyed and Peter could sense that so we walked back via the road and then we went to the pet shop where I got Peter some treats and a new toy and we then went down to the byes so we could both relax a little again! It was so hot I wanted to jump in the river myself but I resisted but I was exhausted but thought I better keep going cause I had no choice but I had to sit down just after the crossing before the uphill bit because I couldn’t cope and Peter Jumped up and sat next to me. We then tried to attempt the dreaded hill and I was halfway and mum rings asking where I am, I could hardly talk I was so shattered but I told her there’s no point we were nearly home. Boy was I glad to get home but Peter still fit as a fiddle and happy as Larry lol! As long as he’s happy lol! I then got myself a drink because I was so thirsty and made some lunch and then I rested for the afternoon before taking the pet dogs out later but I ended up falling over because I was tired but nobody noticed as they were in front so I just got up and plodded on as normal lol as you do! I was glad to see my bed yesterday.

Today was a more relaxed day with a walk on the beach this morning and watching some kayakers and paddle boarders this afternoon. Debating whether to go to Exeter tomorrow in the morning when mum and dad drop my sister friend at the station to collect my tickets but it means an early start so not sure otherwise it’s Waitrose tomorrow I think and more packing.

Day trip to Teignmouth yesterday

Yesterday was a day I was really looking forward to. It was the day my friend Jenny and I and our two Pickle P’s Patty and Peter were heading to Teignmouth on the train to have lunch with friends of mine. Jenny suggested it to build my confidence for when I go it alone with Mr Pickle P on Saturday to Milton Keynes which I thought was very kind of her, I haven’t long known her but we get along really well and she is to me an inspiration because what she’s been through hasn’t been easy and for her to come out the other side is incredible and I know why that is but I think if she can get to London on her own with her guide dog then what excuse do I have to anxious! Yesterday really did help build my confidence seeing how the assistance worked out etc so I’m feeling more at ease, still a little anxious but it’s not as bad and I know it will be fine it’s just me worrying over nothing and with my exams as well it’s all just building up but like people have said breathe and leave everything outside and be confident and knowing you guys are right behind me helps a lot so thank you :).

Anyway the funny thing is as we were walking to the train Jenny said “I need to tell you something funny” and she started laughing and as we were waiting for the train she told me that she had spoken to Karen (our GDMI) who happened to be in Teignmouth yesterday that we were going there for lunch, Karen of course asked how we were getting to the hotel so she said either taxi or walking because I had been shown where I needed to go to get there but Karen said she would try and meet us and would ring Jenny, so as we got on the train Jenny explained this to me and I couldn’t believe I burst out laughing because it has to be us, we can’t go anywhere in Devon without a GDMI on the lookout lol! Halfway through Karen rang and said she would meet us at the station so the assistance helped us out and then Karen pops up, I didn’t notice at first because I was kind of expecting to see blue but anyway as we left the station she jokingly said “have you two been drinking?” Because we laughing so much! Anyway she then showed us the way to the hotel which is complex with the roads but it’s ok and once I have done it a few times we will be fine but we weren’t allowed to go back walking we had to get a taxi. We then met Eddie and Alison and we sat down said goodbye to Karen even though I saw her again when I needed the loo and she said she would come and see me soon, she then finally left and went back to her client. There were lots of guide dog staff and clients having lunch as well as they train a lot from that hotel. I had a lovely but didn’t realise how big a portion of wedges and garlic mushrooms because I ordered a portion of chips on the side, it was very tasty I must admit. We then finished about 2:40 so we we went to reception got them to ring a taxi and then went to the toilet and took the dogs to the toilet and then we sat outside and waited, he came and had put a lovely blanket in the back of his taxi and Peter jumped in and decided he didn’t like the blanket and scrabbled it up, fortunately the driver thought it was funny. He was very nice, he took us into the station and found someone to help us which again went smoothly, we got back to Exeter at 4:30. We then rang a taxi who took me to the bus station and then took Jenny onto her house, I asked the taxi driver where stand 7 was so he said it was at the beginning so I assumed it was like Bletchley and I was right but I asked to make sure which bus was going to Sidmouth and I got on and asked for Sidmouth got no reaction from the bus driver, I then pressed the button for the wrong stop and asked if this was the stop for Lidl and he didn’t say anything but fortunately a nice member of the public told me where Lidl’s was and then I was able to press the button and then we got off safely and found our way back via the route I know from Lidl’s but I went to get a bottle of water as I was so thirsty I drank the whole bottle by the time I got home! I was literally shattered when I got back but we still had to walk the pet dogs so no rest! And then I was finally able to rest thank goodness! I woke up at 8 this morning so obviously needed the sleep. Will tell you about today tomorrow as I am going to sleep now because I’m shattered again with 3 hours on my feet!