Day trip to Teignmouth yesterday

Yesterday was a day I was really looking forward to. It was the day my friend Jenny and I and our two Pickle P’s Patty and Peter were heading to Teignmouth on the train to have lunch with friends of mine. Jenny suggested it to build my confidence for when I go it alone with Mr Pickle P on Saturday to Milton Keynes which I thought was very kind of her, I haven’t long known her but we get along really well and she is to me an inspiration because what she’s been through hasn’t been easy and for her to come out the other side is incredible and I know why that is but I think if she can get to London on her own with her guide dog then what excuse do I have to anxious! Yesterday really did help build my confidence seeing how the assistance worked out etc so I’m feeling more at ease, still a little anxious but it’s not as bad and I know it will be fine it’s just me worrying over nothing and with my exams as well it’s all just building up but like people have said breathe and leave everything outside and be confident and knowing you guys are right behind me helps a lot so thank you :).

Anyway the funny thing is as we were walking to the train Jenny said “I need to tell you something funny” and she started laughing and as we were waiting for the train she told me that she had spoken to Karen (our GDMI) who happened to be in Teignmouth yesterday that we were going there for lunch, Karen of course asked how we were getting to the hotel so she said either taxi or walking because I had been shown where I needed to go to get there but Karen said she would try and meet us and would ring Jenny, so as we got on the train Jenny explained this to me and I couldn’t believe I burst out laughing because it has to be us, we can’t go anywhere in Devon without a GDMI on the lookout lol! Halfway through Karen rang and said she would meet us at the station so the assistance helped us out and then Karen pops up, I didn’t notice at first because I was kind of expecting to see blue but anyway as we left the station she jokingly said “have you two been drinking?” Because we laughing so much! Anyway she then showed us the way to the hotel which is complex with the roads but it’s ok and once I have done it a few times we will be fine but we weren’t allowed to go back walking we had to get a taxi. We then met Eddie and Alison and we sat down said goodbye to Karen even though I saw her again when I needed the loo and she said she would come and see me soon, she then finally left and went back to her client. There were lots of guide dog staff and clients having lunch as well as they train a lot from that hotel. I had a lovely but didn’t realise how big a portion of wedges and garlic mushrooms because I ordered a portion of chips on the side, it was very tasty I must admit. We then finished about 2:40 so we we went to reception got them to ring a taxi and then went to the toilet and took the dogs to the toilet and then we sat outside and waited, he came and had put a lovely blanket in the back of his taxi and Peter jumped in and decided he didn’t like the blanket and scrabbled it up, fortunately the driver thought it was funny. He was very nice, he took us into the station and found someone to help us which again went smoothly, we got back to Exeter at 4:30. We then rang a taxi who took me to the bus station and then took Jenny onto her house, I asked the taxi driver where stand 7 was so he said it was at the beginning so I assumed it was like Bletchley and I was right but I asked to make sure which bus was going to Sidmouth and I got on and asked for Sidmouth got no reaction from the bus driver, I then pressed the button for the wrong stop and asked if this was the stop for Lidl and he didn’t say anything but fortunately a nice member of the public told me where Lidl’s was and then I was able to press the button and then we got off safely and found our way back via the route I know from Lidl’s but I went to get a bottle of water as I was so thirsty I drank the whole bottle by the time I got home! I was literally shattered when I got back but we still had to walk the pet dogs so no rest! And then I was finally able to rest thank goodness! I woke up at 8 this morning so obviously needed the sleep. Will tell you about today tomorrow as I am going to sleep now because I’m shattered again with 3 hours on my feet!

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