Yesterday’s trip to/from town

Yesterday morning about 11am I decided to get ready to head to town with Peter to get some things for mum and a few things I needed even though I still forgot 1 thing but it wasn’t on the list so can only blame myself!

We got what we needed from the bakery and then we headed to boots chemist to get a few bits and I bump into another of the GDOs who live in Sidmouth, we chatted for a bit and I said to her if she wanted we could have a coffee sometime and she said that would be nice and that we would find each other on FB. She then said she had to go and when she left I got on with what I needed to do even though I must have lost my trail of thought lol but then I hear all this commotion outside but didn’t realise what it was, I carried on to the checkout and asked for the things I needed and then left and as I left I could smell something not so nice and people saying things like “that’s disgusting, how dare they let their dogs do that” and “why don’t they take them somewhere else” and “why the need for so many dogs” I realised that one of the little dogs must have had an accident and the owners were trying to find a way to clear up the mess in the midst of 100s of people going past, it was heaving in town much to Peter’s annoyance lol as we had to wait for a while to let people pass because I really wanted to stay away from the mini dogs because they didn’t sound very friendly. Peter did love working through the crowds though moving everyone out of his way lol!

We got what we needed and then I headed back through the byes so Peter could have a run because he had been superb, think we may be turning a corner yippee! Halfway into our walk mum rings and asks where I am so I told her In the byes, she then says the plums are rotten so she can’t make plum pie and could I go and get some so we had to go all the way back to town! Peter fortunately wasn’t too wet at this point and it was sunshine so he dried quickly so we made our way back into town to get the plums but of course the greengrocer didn’t have any and I thought I had missed Tesco so went back and forth 3 times before giving up and going to the co-op and getting some before realising Tesco was further up the street! Sidmouth is soo confusing especially when it’s busy I lost my marbles! It was so hot as well so I was getting annoyed and Peter could sense that so we walked back via the road and then we went to the pet shop where I got Peter some treats and a new toy and we then went down to the byes so we could both relax a little again! It was so hot I wanted to jump in the river myself but I resisted but I was exhausted but thought I better keep going cause I had no choice but I had to sit down just after the crossing before the uphill bit because I couldn’t cope and Peter Jumped up and sat next to me. We then tried to attempt the dreaded hill and I was halfway and mum rings asking where I am, I could hardly talk I was so shattered but I told her there’s no point we were nearly home. Boy was I glad to get home but Peter still fit as a fiddle and happy as Larry lol! As long as he’s happy lol! I then got myself a drink because I was so thirsty and made some lunch and then I rested for the afternoon before taking the pet dogs out later but I ended up falling over because I was tired but nobody noticed as they were in front so I just got up and plodded on as normal lol as you do! I was glad to see my bed yesterday.

Today was a more relaxed day with a walk on the beach this morning and watching some kayakers and paddle boarders this afternoon. Debating whether to go to Exeter tomorrow in the morning when mum and dad drop my sister friend at the station to collect my tickets but it means an early start so not sure otherwise it’s Waitrose tomorrow I think and more packing.

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