My exams/Time in MK

Well hello all sorry I haven’t blogged in about a week but as you know I’ve been in Milton Keynes for part of it because I needed to take my exams at one of the schools. It was lovely actually to have an excuse to go back even though I would rather have not done the exams and just gone for the sake of it lol! I will be back because it just felt like we were going home šŸ™‚ I do miss my friends but I know true friends will always be there :). I got to stay with some lovely friends of mine again which was really nice, we had a lovely time together, went out for dinners, went to see some guide dog pups, did a uni de-stress day, went to an art class, went to the cinema and watched me before you which was brilliant but sad! And lots of walks for the dogs which they loved. My exams unfortunately didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped but I did my best and I hope the school/exam board will take into consideration their mistakes and not mark me down because I tried and it certainly wasn’t easy in the slightest but I keep thinking had it been someone who could only read Braille they wouldn’t have been able to do it! I was ready to walk out because I didn’t know what to do but I felt I had to try and even though I managed to finish them I don’t think I wrote enough because the reading took up all my time šŸ˜¦ I’m gutted because I worked so hard this past year but I just hope I get the grade I need, I only need a C and if I can pull that off I will be pleased, I will always think could it have been better but a C is enough so now I just have to wait for the result and in the meantime do what I need to, to sort out what happened on the schools part.

The train journey was fab both ways, had some lovely assistants and it couldn’t have gone smoother really so the world is now our oyster šŸ™‚

Yesterday we went to church and again they sung the beautiful song “10,000 reasons” which always makes me cry as they sung it in my church the Sunday after my Toby was PTS in 2014 and every year since then they have done exactly the same and it a,ways whenever it’s sung brings back memories but it is always worsen these Sunday’s but fortunately Peter this year rolled on his back at just the right moment as I looked down and that brought me out from fully crying thank goodness so thank you Peter.

Today we’ve been into town and Peter was paw perfect.

Srikl awaiting to hear from my work but hoping will hear soon

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