Our BBQ uneventful!?!

Yesterday evening we decided to go to Budleigh Salterton to have a BBQ as it was a lovely evening albeit a bit cold. What we thought would be an uneventful one turned out to be pretty eventful and lots of fun.

Dad was setting up the BBQ, my sisters and mum were walking for a bit and I sat on a bench taking photos and just taking in the fresh air. When everyone returned dad was putting on the BBQ the bratwurst and mum called me to come with her down to where the river is because she had seen a Snipe, I managed to get it after mum told me which direction to point the camera and I managed to scan with my zoomed in camera and find it and mum checked sad said I got it so I was pleased. We then went back up and we sat down and i was trying to take a picture of a seagull but couldn’t find him, dad came over and brought some bratwurst and as he did my sister shouted “the sausage, the seagull stole the sausage, he’s eaten the bratwurst” we could not believe it! Well he got lucky there that seagull and obviously then more came circling but dad managed to shoo then away but they came so close to the BBQ and one was face to face with dad but unfortunately couldn’t get the photo fast enough but everyone was watching like Hawks after that. Then halfway through my sister called over a dog who was happily wandering whilst his owner was talking, a very friendly husky who was lovely and obviously wanted food but we didn’t give him anything poor dog, the owner then came worried we would feed him chicken bones so we told her we have dogs and we wouldn’t feed a dog that wasn’t ours anyway, she said he was hungry as all he had had that day was a chicken breast poor dog but she had his dinner in the car so he went with her then decided to return but he then trotted off. Dad then put the pigs cheeks on the BBQ and mum didn’t want them stolen by the gulls, mum tried one and she didn’t like it, I ate one and yes it was different lol! The seagulls then decided to steal a chicken bone and in the end they managed a pig cheek too, we just had to laugh and I was telling my sister about the problems we had at Woolacombe as well with the gulls because sister and dad decided to eat their pasties bad a seagull went on my sister’s head but I screamed as the seagulls were screeching and circling around her and they both decided to put them away until later! My plate then flew into my sister’s face and she was disgusted lol!

I was laughing so much I could hardly breathe and was in tears because things just kept happening. Not sure in Devon we will ever have a peaceful BBQ because the seagulls are watching! We needed our boys yesterday but had left them at home.

Motto of the story seagulls are opportunists! But if you want a laugh have a BBQ in Devon!

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