Last few days/days to come

On Wednesday it was mum’s birthday so we decided to visit Castle Drogo which is somewhere in Devon but not quite sure where, another national trust property. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go at first but decided to join in. It was set in lovely grounds but the castle was being worked on so it wasn’t looking as beautiful with all the scaffolding surrounding it and it didn’t have much you could look at either. Again like museums I don’t really enjoy national trust properties because you can’t touch anything and they are normally really dark as well which makes visibility for me worse but I can understand why your not allowed, I also always feel as well that I have to be so careful because I don’t want to walk into something but fortunately Peter was very good and did a marvellous job and he loved the bit when we went into watch a to screen which was projected on the ceiling and they had beanbags on the floor, I sat in a chair because I probably wouldn’t have gotten off the beanbag and I didn’t realise they were there but my sister came in after and sat on a beanbag and Peter was so excited to go and join her so I let him and they snuggled up together watching whatever was on the projector. Once we had finished the house we did the gardens which were lovely and then it was getting late so we went home and mum didn’t fancy going out so we had pizza for dinner. 

Thursday morning my GDMI came out to see Peter free running and Texan because he doesn’t give up toys willingly when he gets it on a walk because the others are too quick, she ended up wanting to leave her job because she couldn’t sort my two out! Lol bless her, I’m sorry Karen, we do love you! Peter is a lost cause bless my boy, just hoping if I keep working on recall and finding a treat he really likes which has been impossible so far because Karen suggested anchovy paste so I rushed out to get some on Tuesday evening even though I was shattered and my legs had had enough and it turns out my boys aren’t even interested in the slightest! Lol typically my boys have to be the naughty ones let alone our pet dogs are very good. Dear oh dear embarrassing but I will get Peter to listen to me one day hopefully and Texan I won’t worry about bless him Karen says just let him carry the toy until we get to the car or home as that’s all he wants to do. Peter will be Peter and everything else is far more interesting but I will get there with him it will just take harder work with my little monkey! Mum had friends round in the afternoon so it was lovely to see them, the girls all grown up. I spent most of the time in my room with the dogs apart from rushing to get the laundry in with help which was nice. 

Then yesterday I walked into town to meet friends for coffee but I was a bit late so was worried I missed them and I had no signal so nothing was coming through but fortunately they came shortly after 11. We had a good chat and I got told some very funny stories about naughty puppies lol! Was lovely seeing Jenny and gorgeous Patty again and Peter loved his cuddles with Jenny and was getting slightly over exuberant at times silly boy! But most of the time they were very very good and we had a good natter and hope to do it again next month. Also bypassing us were Lesley and Rob with their Flattie crosses as we were having a drink so chatted to them for a bit which was nice and I’m meeting them on Monday for a beach run for the boys at Jacobs ladder as the tide will be out hopefully so there will be more sand and not so many pesky pebbles to walk on! We then walked back and I gave Peter a free run for being a good boy working through the byes even when balls were being thrown and dogs were coming up to him etc, spoke to some lovely people and their dogs, the harness and lead seem to instigate conversations which is good but it means you don’t get very far. 

We then got home, I baked the cake and we waited for Helen and Geoff to come round for tea and cake and chat so that was lovely seeing them and will see them again on Wednesday when another friend of ours comes down from MK. We will have dinner with them I think, will be nice to try out one of the restaurants or pubs here in Sidmouth as only been to two restaurants but no pubs. 

Today not done much really Apart from baking and cooking, tomorrow I will be going to church and then going to help out at donkey sanctuary for a few hours and then Monday as I said earlier gonna be 3 Flatties on the beach so Sidmouth watch out lol! And then Tuesday I finally start job number 2! Excited and nervous now! 

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