Volunteering at Donkey Sanctuary

Today after church Peter and I were to do some volunteering at the donkey sanctuary however mum had forgotten but due fully reminded her so instead of going home they took us straight there. We arrived about 11:15 and spoke to the gentleman who was standing there and went to the ladies before starting my shift. How bad of me but I can’t remember his name but all I know is he had a dog called Barney, a little cavalier who wasn’t really intrigued with Peter lol! Anyway he stayed a while not with Barney, we met Barney later in the day. I chatted to him and found out how long he had worked for the donkey sanctuary, very interesting man, something lovely about him. He also said that normally if he sees a guide dog they are lab X retrievers but that this week he had seen 2 Flattie X Goldie guide dogs and now with Peter 3 lol so I knew immediately who they were lol, we Flattie guide dog owners can’t hide anywhere hehe!

After a while he left to check on his classic car because there was a car show and he had his car there or not his but a friend’s which he was borrowing so he was making sure no one had stolen it, he then came back for a bit and we spoke some moor before he had to go and cover the ladies in the visitor centre so they could have lunch.

Throughout the day we met many kinds of people from all over the country and even a couple from Sweden! I answered lots of questions and directed people not always in the right direction I figured out at the end lol! But my excuse is I can’t read a map lol! There were also hundreds of dogs of all different shapes and sizes and Peter had to say hello to near enough all of them who bypassed him! He was tired in the end so went to sleep in the log cabin like a good boy but he got loads of fuss, cuddles and told how handsome he was many times. We met a lady who used to puppy walk but both of her puppies failed for various reasons so they kept them both Yulin and Ash, Yulin being 13 1/2 and doing really well. We also met the most adorable Patterjack (Patterdale/Jack Russell cross) called Betsy who was adorable and into everything, such a confident little girl who loved Peter and was so good with their two little girls. Their was also a baby red and white border collie but I didn’t get to say hello unfortunately as was really busy. The car show definitely brought people into the sanctuary which is really good.

We got picked up at 2:30pm and we went straight for a walk with the dogs and then that was me crashed for the day apart from making mum and dad coffee and cake and feeding the dogs and my Guinea pig.

Time to go to bed now before tomorrow where Peter and I will be meeting up with the 2 Flattie X’s and their lovely owners for some fun on the beach so watch out for the photos tomorrow :).


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