First week at work/flies

My first week at work is now over even though I am not working today or tomorrow but back in wednesday, thursday and friday this week so they are easing me in gently. I have nearly completed all the training necessary as at least I can mostly do that bit myself since I have done it before and its accessible. The paperwork side is a bit of a problem but we are muddling through together until my desktop magnifier comes, which hopefully will be very soon.

My work colleagues are all very lovely, I have a lovely office of my own so Peter can really be himself and have a bit of freedom, I have some very noisy work colleagues who I can hear munching on the bird feeder just outside my office window which overlooks grass and trees and woodland and since I started on Tuesday I have seen Mr Pea the Peacock on two days he has probably been there more often but I hadn’t heard him and he made me jump on Friday when he suddenly bellowed at the top of his voice, I thought a poor cat was in trouble! Peter thinks its all great fun, he has a buddy called Hugo who is a working cocker spaniel who is accompanying his owner who is the lady who is training me so they enjoy each others company and peter makes himself at home and lies down wherever he wants really normally by my feet or behind me or sometimes by the door on under the table but not on his mat lol! Typical Peter!

On Saturday Peter and I went to meet up with Vicky & Jenny and their Guide Dogs Courtney and Patty, we were talking for nearly 3 hours lol! Didn’t realise the time which meant we had a good time, the dogs were really good and we did have some funny conversations including a lady who told Vicky & I we don’t look as if we need guide dogs so we told her we would look it if we didn’t have them fumbling, tumbling and bashing into things with our heads down and a gentleman who asked us 3 in the lift again but on the way down whether the way behind him was clear, we said yes but then I said “I think so but don’t trust us blindies” bless him he said he was ever so sorry, I am not sure he knew what to say, so I told him not to worry and we were only joking so he began to laugh and told us to have a good day. Vicky met us at the bus stop this time again and we made our way through the crowds Vicky going mad every so often at people lol it certainly is an experience in exeter but I love the place and Peter loves it because its busy! We did the way back on our own with Jenny’s instructions but we went a different way back thanks to Peter but we ended up at the bus station and that’s all that matters! My very clever boy!

Flies, Flies, Flies everywhere and they are really beginning to get on my nerves! On saturday morning I was rudely awoken by the most annoying fly at around 4:30am in the morning, I was not best pleased as I need my sleep but anyway I had to open both my curtains, open the windows and try to catch fly which wasn’t going to be easy since I couldn’t see where the thing was! In the end I gave up, put a shoe by my bed and tried to go back to sleep but it didn’t work because it was light now due to the windows and curtains being open and because this fly wouldn’t shut up so I gave up on falling asleep, Peter was annoyed too and tried to catch it but it didn’t work and it didn’t go out the window! I was awake right through till morning because there was nothing I could do so decided to get up in the end, I killed something at 7:45am but not sure if it was that fly as there seemed to be several in my room at that point, I was worried for my guinea pig that he would get fly strike but I cleaned his cage out and he seems ok thank goodness. Then on Sunday we went blueberry picking and unfortunately I got bitten by a horsefly and didn’t realise till it started itching! I thought it was fine because it was ok in the evening but this morning i woke up and that bit of my arm is twice the size, it really must have sucked me this time :(. Have put on antihistamine cream etc but it hasn’t gone down yet but I am sure it will in its own time but its incredibly itchy and I am so trying not to aggravate it. And this morning as well I woke up to another blooming fly but fortunately this one was slightly more considerate and kept a bit more quiet than the first one and I think it went out the window after a while thank goodness but really flies are not in my good books at the moment so they all better stay away otherwise!!!!

Today I have been trying to work out how I can sell my photos online and make some money out of them as people have said to me my photos are really good and I have to do something with them so I am trying, just waiting for their approval from this website. Tomorrow I am off again before going back to work on wednesday.

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