Lyme Regis/Texan’s first swim/Off kerbs

On Sunday mum, dad, sister and I went to Lyme Regis for a few hours as it is something different and is a lovely town. My sister took Joey, I took Peter but the other 2 stayed at home. In the morning we had taken the dogs for a walk and Texan was playing with his ball and I was throwing it for him in the sea to cool him down but my sister chucked it with her chuck it at one point and it went a bit far so we didn’t think Texan would go for it as he has never swam before But he just went for it! We were amazed! Just unfortunately later on in the evening he was really distressed and clearly in pain and we weren’t sure what was wrong but he seems to have done a bit much and got limber tail syndrome poor boy, he’s on the mend slowly as he can wag his tail now but he’s still not right poor boy he’s not athletic like Peter lol! 

Lyme Regis with Peter was a different and quite a nightmare with Mr Pickle Peter, he was so excited he was pulling me, not behaving, not concentrating and not listening to me but it was my fault for forgetting the gentle leader because that does make him behave better but hey ho all was forgiven shortly afterwards when he looked at me dolefully. I bought some signs like I’d rather be walking my flat coat retriever and I bought a lovely door hanger with Lyme Regis high street on it and some presents for friends. 

Yesterday as it was too hot to do much we just went to Lidl to get some stuff for mum and Peter was a good boy and he even made a fab decision about an obstruction on the path going from Lidl round to the bakery. It was what I think were road works and some things on the floor and people working but it wasn’t noisy so I have a feeling they were painting as it did smell funny. We went half way round this and Peter stopped so I said good boy find the way, I heard someone say sorry but not sure why but I’m guessing it was because there was something in our path so I told Peter to find the way again and thought he would go straight but instead he went to the kerb between 2 cars as he obviously thought that was a bigger gap and he didn’t bump me into the cars and he stayed close to the left and found the pavement again perfectly so big praises for my boy on that one! 

My photos were rejected by the website as apparently my camera not good enough šŸ˜¦ 

And I think it’s time I did some crazy fundraising for guide dogs again as its two years nearly that I did Snowdon so any ideas let me know. So far I’ve thought of skydive as my friend is doing one in September and the other is zip world longest zip wire. 

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