Finished work/volunteering at WESC

Since my last post I’ve finished work for the summer so don’t go back till 22nd August so Saturday & Sunday I rested and just did the usual, had 2 of my sisters over for the weekend which was nice and then on Monday as usual we walked the dogs, I went to Lidl for mum and then we went to Exeter to pick up my sister and I went into whitestuff as had ordered something but unfortunately it didn’t fit! So had to be returned, I then went to the Apple Store to play with the Apple Watch as thinking of getting on, was very impressed with the demonstration but I Also on the other hand think do I need it. In a lot of ways it could make life a lot easier but… Still undecided.

Yesterday I walked into town via the road route with Peter and he did very well even though he doesn’t like that route so much! He’s a funny dog with the routes he likes and dislikes lol! We visited Sharon in WESC charity shop who was on her own so I asked her if she needed any help over the next few weeks so I helped her today, am doing tomorrow and possibly Friday. She’s lovely and I enjoy working with her, another VI volunteer was Also in today till 12:45 so I helped her out whilst Sharon sorted out the shop as Sharon seems to trust me somehow to teach and be in charge lol! She said I’m the best thing that Happened to that shop since it opened and she feels honoured to have Peter and I! Peter loves it in there and is a good boy and brings customers in which is what we want, I learn new skills, meet lots of different people and generally enjoy working there. I need to ring the donkey sanctuary to ask if they need any help too. No rest hey lol!

Folk festival week is starting on Friday so going to get rather busy in Sidmouth over the next week as its a very popular event which apparently I was told by a customer today since 1954! Will be an interesting week. Will let you know what I think when it’s over lol!

Peter’s recall issue and Texan’s ball giving up is getting much better thanks to my training, I wasn’t going to give up and accept they can’t change because they can do it. Sometimes Peter is still a little stubborn but if I blow the whistle five times rather than the usual 3 then he normally comes and if I have a squeaky ball handy for reward approved by Karen.

Im on a diet again lol! Trying to achieve 15,000 steps in a day whilst I’m off, not quite figured out how I’m going to do it whilst I’m working but will figure out a way when it comes to it, I will either eat lunch and not eat cake or eat cake and not eat lunch. Last 3 days I’ve not eaten lunch as such, Monday and yesterday I had nothing and today I had a nectarine and some fruit juice and I haven’t felt so hungry but as long as it’s not bread I think I shall lose more, I’ve never quite got why I haven’t lost anything since moving here since I do a lot more exercise and have only had maximum of 3 hot chocolates since I moved here, my body hAs obviously decided against me losing weight so cutting out bread during the week as had results last time and on weekends I will eat as normal but not bad eating just what we normally have for breakfast etc and so at least I can enjoy some bread lol as I do miss it and my stomach definitely misses it lol! We will see if any results come of this, doing the exercise bike as well and some stomach muscle strengthening exercises like I have been doing for ages but no results to hopefully get a flatter tummy! I can only try and if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t but at least I’m trying to keep myself fit, I’m certainly feeling it in the morning as having difficulty getting out of bed as my muscles are complaining but we shall keep going and they just have to deal with it lol!



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