Exeter always an experience!

Today I went to Exeter again to meet up with the pickle club members Jenny & Patty, Vicky and Courtney, Bridget and her son Keira if I spelt that right and the lovely Maria who has and will continue to join our meet ups, yay!

Exeter is always an experience when we go and it was extremely busy today because of the Lego show that was being held somewhere in the town centre and I didn’t know this until Maria mentioned it! Today was the first time Peter and I did the route from the bus station to M&S all by ourselves with no help from anyone else. Just as we were walking towards the road crossing a child ran straight in front of me, I didn’t realise so I nearly fell over him but managed to grab onto Peter so I didn’t fall on the little boy and then I needed to find somewhere for Peter to get busy so I found a bit of grass by a building for him and I was trying to remember how to get myself back on track to our normal route but it was fine Peter found everything perfectly, weaved me in and through the crowds so I didn’t really notice the crowds to be fair trying to focus on Peter. He is a champion when it’s busy just gets me through somehow without brushing me past anything or anyone. We got to M&S were Vicky and Courtney were waiting and we chatted to them for a while whilst we waited for Jenny, Keira and Bridget to come. Once they all arrived we decided to go in whilst Jenny went back and did a rewind with Patty as she had done something wrong but got it right second time round. We went in, went in via the wrong door of the cafe so went back out and found the right entrance, we then got our drinks and went to sit down for a good chit chat before taking Jenny to sainsburys in the guildhall shopping centre for her stint of fundraising. Patty knew where she was going then, clever girl whilst all Peter and Courtney wanted to do was go to Wilkinsons lol! On the way out Peter literally dive bombed in there lol! We then made our way back to the bus station so we could get the bus home, obviously just as I got on the bus I heard a click sound and then loosening around my top area and typically my bra had come undone. Tried to put it back together but didn’t manage it so kind of had to leave it till I got home lol!

Exeter is always a good challenge, Peter loves the vibrancy and so do I. One beautiful city. Until next time…

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