First day back to work/Evening Walk

It was my first day back at work today after a month off over the summer, where has that time gone! Can’t quite believe it really but it will be nice to get back into routine again and really get stuck into the job. I got in today and went to Reception to pass them a letter to send over to HR and then I asked her to ring over to maintenance so they could come and let me into my office which they dutifully did bless them. I had some paperwork left on my desk so I had a look at those whilst trying to figure out how to use the magnifier which I got the hang of pretty quickly thank goodness. I took Peter out around 11:30 for a busy, busy but kind of forgot I would be locked out again so had to go to reception to ask her to ring through to maintenance for me and bless her she came again to open the door for me which I thanked her for. Got on with some more work before having lunch at 1pm, tried to keep the door on the latch so I could get back in but unfortunately when I went back it was locked again so I had to ask for help again and this time the lady sorted it for me and took it fully off the latch so I could go in and out even though I wouldn’t need to anymore so that was good but she told me to close it properly when I left which is safest thing to do and she said she would make a note to unlock it for me first thing in the morning so I thanked her and she said she would try and sort something out. Once I had finished what I could I tried to figure out my dragon software which isn’t complete yet as had a phone call before having to rush to get the bus.

Obviously I forgot something in the office but it will be fine because I will sort it tomorrow. We were walking along the drive of the college and passed a lady so we said hello as we bypassed and we sped ahead until Peter needed to do a big busy typically lol! Anyway nothing I could do, had to pick it up, this lady came up behind us and we walked along together chatting away about random things like what we did at the college etc so that was nice talking to her, we got on the bus, got off and walked the long, dreaded uphill climb home as well as it being hot, boy was I glad to be home! I think Peter was too.

I had my tea which consisted of Marble Cake (Swartz Weiss) and a glass of refreshing cold milk before my brother needed some fresh air, he told me to take some water but I thought we weren’t going to be so long but boy was I wrong! We went to Mutters Moor and went through the woods and along the cliff path to a viewpoint which overlooks Sidmouth, walked back, climbed a massive hill which was real struggle and the heat was still so hot, I was thirsty, tired and in pain and it seemed like a never ending hill, we then got back to the car to then go onto Budleigh Salterton and walk along the river otter towards the sea, had a bit of time walking along the beach before heading back home again. Shattered isn’t even the word to describe it! I’ve walked 15,090 steps, climbed 29 floors and done 6.32 miles!!! Hopefully I will sleep well tonight. Been planning my Southampton weekend with some lovely ladies so I am looking forward to our little adventure. Peter is out like a light and I am off to bed.




My week in MK

First of all I want to say to those I haven’t yet seen, Don’t worry I will get round to seeing everyone so to those of you in MK whom I haven’t seen yet, I will get round to it I promise :).

My host family this time yet again was the lovely Jones family so thank you for putting up with me and my buddy this last few days, I really appreciate it. Thank you for entertaining us, taking us places, treating us to meals, days out etc. I’ve had a funfilled time.

I arrived on Monday afternoon, the train journey went smoothly, assistance was great despite the busyness at the stations and this makes me feel able to take on new and different journeys knowing I will have assistance to keep us safe and help us get to our chosen destinations. Got a taxi to the home I was staying in due to them being at work, had the most wonderful, friendly taxi driver I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, he helped me with my luggage, took us to the door, didn’t faff about Peter and in fact welcoming any dogs into their taxis was incredible. It’s a new company called Fenny cabs and I truly recommend them :).

Tuesday we had a day out at Dudley Zoo which was lovely, were able to take Peter and Richie the guide dog puppy so that was lovely, got some fantastic photos so that was great and had a generally lovely day, Peter was a good boy, so calm bad much more mature than last time! Everyone this last week has commented on how much he’s changed, matured, calmed down and become a really lovely boy who I can take anywhere šŸ™‚ he helped Richie to overcome his fear of wooden bridges etc and he is so good on the train just gets in, falls asleep until I get his harness out and then it’s drama again lol so still need to work on that but he’s much better than he was so there is hope for the boy, my hard work has paid off! Yay. In the evening we went out for dinner with the family so that was lovely.

Wednesday we went to guide dogs coffee morning to see everyone so that was nice, in the afternoon we went to see Finding Dory in the cinema, it is such an adorable film and Dory is adorable! And in the evening Fi, Amy & I went to Aquaerobics which was good fun but my coordination and going in sync with everyone else didn’t quite go to plan but it was a good laugh and I would defo go again!

Thursday morning Amy, I and Peter walked Richie & Peter before heading to the bus stop to catch the bus into town so that I could go skiing, very good lesson and catch up with Stephen & Krystyna, we then went to change Amy’s shoes which had broken the first evening she wore them and then we decided to go into the council offices to say hello to some of my friends and colleagues which was nice and then we went and had lunch at MKCC before heading home and taking the dogs for a free run at Bury common in Newport Pagnell, brought back memories of when I had my jabs for Swaziland :). Dogs had a great time, they got on so so well together, it was lovely to see, I’m definitely gonna miss my Richie poos! Such a gentle shepherd with what I’m told are the most beautiful, appealing eyes :).

Friday morning Amy and I got to relax a bit before meeting Fi at work before heading to the Swiss gardens for an afternoon of plants which theme was close ups. Beautiful gardens, we then had lunch before heading home. A lady then brought round some forever living products for Fi and Amy so we chatted to her for a bit, turns out she knows my sister, she loves Flatties (a breath of fresh air to find someone who loves Flatties). She’s a lovely lady. Fi then went to work for a bit and then we went out to dinner at Prezzos in Kingston and had a conversation about Tweezers lol! And other things :).

Then this morning Peter and I waved goodbye and went back on our travels, assistance was good, train was delayed from Birmingham p, found the spending Ā area at new street for guide dogs, sat in the network rail reception chatted to some people who were going to Blackpool on holiday and two elderly ladies on there way to Cheltenham spa and so many people who told me how beautiful and unusual a guide dog Peter is :). The public were really helpful today, one guy took my suitcase off the train for me and other lady found me the lift at Exeter before the assistance came to help us. We are now home, got a lovely welcome from our other dogs and had a lovely piece of fudge cake because I was hungry since not having anything much since this morning, typically the food trolley only came 5 mins before I was due to get off! Very annoying! Anyway we are home safe and sound




Tweezers lol!

Why would you need tweezers? I got asked this evening in conversation with the family I’m staying with! I kind of assumed having a pair of tweezers was a necessity for every day life, I certainly miss mine when I forget them!

There are lots of reasons for use of tweezers:

1. Plucking hairs

2. Removing ticks from people and animals

3. Unclogging a drain

4. Decorating a cake

5. Removing hair from clothes

6. Removing egg shell which accidentally falls in dough or batter

7. Removing crumbs from keyboards

8. Untangling a necklace

9. Applying fake eyelashes

10. Tighten loose screws on glasses

There are more but you probably don’t want to know some of them but these are the most popular so you can see why tweezers are a necessity in every day life!

What happened tonight, they had to go and buy a pair of tweezers from Tesco lol!


My take on Sidmouth Folk Festival

To be honest I didn’t go down very much because I knew it would be extremely busy and crowds are not my favourite even though I’ve become much better since I’ve had a guide dog because I know they will get me through. Friday evening we sat by the river listening to the fisherman’s friends and whatever else was going on, as we were leaving I bumped into one of the organisers of the festival who also happens to have been a puppy walker, I knew he would be around as his wife told him to look out for me but both of us didn’t think we would see each other on the first evening of the festival but it was really nice but he had to rush off and so did I so his wife messaged me later asking if I wanted to meet up with him properly for a coffee/show around the festival so I texted him the following day and we agreed on Thursday to meet. On Sunday after the outdoor church service we had to go back along the esplanade last Sunday morning after church and it was heaving, people could hardly move but Peter did a good job of getting me halfway along the esplanade with the help of dad and sister but we decided to go across to the other side because it was becoming impossible for anyone to get through and I certainly felt much better and Peter did too as he hates waiting around and would just bulldoze lol! Peter did exceptionally well guiding me through those crowds, I was proud of him. Then till Thursday we just heard the music from afar and drove through town. On Thursday I met up with Andrew in the morning and he showed us around all the different areas, told me what he does and introduced me to some of his festival colleagues as I would call them I guess, one of them Keith gave us water, coffee cake and water for Peter and it was nice and quiet so we just talked about different things before returning back to the Ham where we had begun. Mum then collected us. And then Friday evening we watched the torchlit procession which Andrew had told me about and the fireworks to mark the end of folk festival week here in Sidmouth. It was wonderful and the town was vibrant and it attracted over 60,000 extra people on top of the holiday makers here and the residents so as you can Imagine busy wasn’t the word lol! Saturday came and there was a marked difference, so much quieter and back to normal, the shops were pleased because they had worked their socks off and needed a breather but the festival brings in so much revenue for the shops and businesses here which is good and it is something unique and special.

I’m glad it’s back to relative normal now though but it’s nice to have the holiday makers and for their sake glad the weTher has stayed warm and dry.