My take on Sidmouth Folk Festival

To be honest I didn’t go down very much because I knew it would be extremely busy and crowds are not my favourite even though I’ve become much better since I’ve had a guide dog because I know they will get me through. Friday evening we sat by the river listening to the fisherman’s friends and whatever else was going on, as we were leaving I bumped into one of the organisers of the festival who also happens to have been a puppy walker, I knew he would be around as his wife told him to look out for me but both of us didn’t think we would see each other on the first evening of the festival but it was really nice but he had to rush off and so did I so his wife messaged me later asking if I wanted to meet up with him properly for a coffee/show around the festival so I texted him the following day and we agreed on Thursday to meet. On Sunday after the outdoor church service we had to go back along the esplanade last Sunday morning after church and it was heaving, people could hardly move but Peter did a good job of getting me halfway along the esplanade with the help of dad and sister but we decided to go across to the other side because it was becoming impossible for anyone to get through and I certainly felt much better and Peter did too as he hates waiting around and would just bulldoze lol! Peter did exceptionally well guiding me through those crowds, I was proud of him. Then till Thursday we just heard the music from afar and drove through town. On Thursday I met up with Andrew in the morning and he showed us around all the different areas, told me what he does and introduced me to some of his festival colleagues as I would call them I guess, one of them Keith gave us water, coffee cake and water for Peter and it was nice and quiet so we just talked about different things before returning back to the Ham where we had begun. Mum then collected us. And then Friday evening we watched the torchlit procession which Andrew had told me about and the fireworks to mark the end of folk festival week here in Sidmouth. It was wonderful and the town was vibrant and it attracted over 60,000 extra people on top of the holiday makers here and the residents so as you can Imagine busy wasn’t the word lol! Saturday came and there was a marked difference, so much quieter and back to normal, the shops were pleased because they had worked their socks off and needed a breather but the festival brings in so much revenue for the shops and businesses here which is good and it is something unique and special.

I’m glad it’s back to relative normal now though but it’s nice to have the holiday makers and for their sake glad the weTher has stayed warm and dry.

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