Carnivals I’ve always thought are a daytime thing where they go through a bit of a town before ending up in a field full of stalls either selling things or collecting money for various causes. Sidmouth however has changed my view on carnivals because I have to say it was a lovely procession. It happened in the dark so every float was lit up apart from one whose unfortunately broke and I for one with the help of my camera was able to see more of what was going on because I didn’t have to focus on a big picture just a little part which had a light albeit some where very bright. Thankfully the weather stayed dry but my legs certainly didn’t like standing still for half an hour so I had to keep moving them because they were painful and for some reason when my legs are aching I get an itch so I had to keep bending down of moving on the spot to try and get rid of it and to stop my legs from getting too stiff lol people must have thought I was odd but hey ho.

Today was a busy day in General for me with having gone to otter nurseries this morning to have a look, then took the dogs for a walk and then helped in the charity shop for a little while before coming home to then go back out to the carnival! No rest for the wicked as the saying goes lol!

It was a good procession, everybody worked so hard on their floats so it was definitely worth going to watch! It’s now raining and I’m tucked up in bed ready for some sleep. Night night


pics show various floats with bright blue or multicoloured lights and a single dressed up smiling star and the lady one is the float with no lights on as its broken.

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