Creation is amazing 

Just watched a program about Autumn and how different animals get ready for winter, the  great lengths they go to survive and the obstacles they have to try and overcome.

The program started with a cute chipmunk stuffing as many acorns in its mouth as possible and taking them to a secret hiding place before it heads out again for more! In the meantime another chipmunk is stealing acorns from the secret hole just as the first chipmunk returns and realises all his acorns are gone! They have a fight before mr chipmunk goes back to the job in hand. They are such cute creatures and the amount they can stuff in their mouth is amazing and really funny.

We then watched beavers who are the only animals who can gnaw through a whole tree! And then take the branches to a secret place under the water in prep for winter, their enemy is the moose but the beaver is vicious and splashes the moose with water to make it go away. The baby guillemots who have to jump off a high cliff at 3 weeks old! How any survive is beyond me but at least some of their fathers go with them to make sure they make it whilst others unfortunately left to their own devices fall into the path of a prying fox.

Bears catching the salmon at the top of a waterfall and the mother with 3 babies having to wait till the males are finished before having her turn. 500 million geese fly 3000 miles to the Gulf of Mexico and a weird beetle who chucks other beetles off a tree mates with the female who isn’t really interested before chucking her off the tree too lol! How nasty is that. And lastly the wonderful Impala who unfortunately was had by 2 cheetah siblings in South Africa, brings back my wonderful memories of Swaziland!

I find creation fascinating, God created an amazing world, he definitely had a sense of humour when creating certain animals and just the wonderful seasons and what they mean for various animals is Incredible and I certainly forget sometimes what an amazing world we live in surrounded by such amazing animals. I have to say I was very fortunate seeing some of the world’s most amazing and majestic animals in the kingdom of Swaziland and spending time with the people who safeguard these animals. Thank you to big game parks for protecting Swaziland’s wildlife! Keep up the good work 🙂

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