Today 2nd October has been the most amazing day here in Sidmouth, it was a cold start to the day but it soon brightened up and warmed up. It was an extremely low tide so we decided to walk along Jacobs Ladder beach because there would be lots of sand which is far easier to walk on than stones and the dogs can go anywhere on the beach now which is really really nice! It made me feel very fortunate to live here and made me appreciate the beautiful blue sky, the reflection on the sea, the beautiful sand on the seashore, the gentle waves and not a cloud in the sky. 2 paragliders were making the most of the weather. The dogs had a wonderful time playing on the beach dipping their feet in the sea apart from peter going fully in splashing and going mad but he was a good boy and listened when I told him to come even though other people had balls for their dogs so I was very pleased with him it was only when we got to nearly the end of our walk along the beach that Peter decided to go full on crazy racing through the waves with his bottom tucked in and just went absolutely mental, poor Texan got it full force but I managed to rescue Texan, grabbed Peter put him on the lead for him to calm down, when he suddenly goes crazy he is a force to be reckoned with its quite scary lol but he just can’t help himself and it makes me smile but when I got him on the lead he calmed down but obviously didn’t want to leave. We met another guide dog and its owner along the beach who Texan and Pip played with, Peter did for a bit but he became too rough so he went back on his lead. He can be gentle because he was so gentle with Hetta yesterday but he did get too excited and started barking and having a tantrum because he wanted to play with her but knew he couldn’t. So vocal when he tries to tell me something that he doesn’t agree with lol!

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