A creative mind creates amazing things! 

Day 4 in Swaziland it rained quite heavily which was a relief for the kingdom. I and several of us others were slightly gutted because we were supposed to do a horse riding safari but it was decided we would do it the following day. So we did the indoor visits today to Gone Rural and Baobak batik. 

People in these countries seem to have very creative minds and use everts little thing to make amazing crafts. Take Grass for instance they dry the grass out and then dye it before making it into placemats, bowls, hearts etc, they had some beautiful things for sale. We then went to Baobak batik to see some fantastic artwork being made. It is the batik prints, the effort that goes into making such beautiful artwork is incredible and takes a lot of patience. They have to draw the picture first, then dye it two or 3 times, they then dip it in wax and then in hot water I think and then hang it to dry and it becomes the most beautiful artwork ever, I had to buy two different patterns and a cushion cover! We then saw the making of candles and the quick work that goes into making them into whatever animal they choose to make. Incredible people with incredible patience and incredible talents. 

There was also an amazing field full of pineapples! 

Pics show the process of the Baobak batik prints being held up by two ladies turning them over at the various stages till the finished product and then it shows several people drawing, painting, moulding candles and making soap. Pic shows a black and white candle elephant and a multicoloured candle elephant. Another pic shows a pineapple on a pineapple plant as it lays on the floor. The finished batik prints of warthogs, elephants and giraffes under a baobab tree and a sunset sky. And lastly me and my sighted guide Sarah standing in front of a shop which is kind of a cute little shed with Yebo art and design on. 

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