When we moved from Mlilwane to Hlane we had no phone signal and I couldn’t wait to experience it life without electricity just parraffin lamps. A truly remarkable experience, all we could hear in our rondaleves was th sounds of th animals. The pleasant sound of th lions after they’ve caught their prey, the Hippos roaring and the birds tweeting. To wake up to a roar was sometimes quite scary because I sometime forgot I was there but most of the time it was pure bliss! It was funny trying to crawl out of a mosquito net whilst trying not to wake up your room mate lol! I’m told I managed it, I have to say it was a nightmare wrestling with it in the pitch black! If you would have seen me you would have laughed! 

This was true africa, absolutely amazing!!! We finally after our game drives etc in this wonderful location we had to head home. Still now 6 months later certain areas of terrain, certain sounds still remind me of Swaziland. The memories will last a lifetime. 

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